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11 Jun

Guerilla Marketing

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Runet grows ooiao changing … There are new projects … That's one of siepodobnyh and will be discussed today. What to do with his company's site in the network, if users do not see (so maybe will run one or the other and then by accident) sale does not go, trust the site to zero interest – enough to swear, and so on and so forth What does the owner? He buys a reference to the muzzle, books articles, putting in the promotion of … Well, as to spur interest in the audience to the site (brand, product, theme …)? What shape public opinion? Oops … How to create a "correct" public opinion. (I recall that "" public opinion "- is the opinion of those who do not ask!" – Not sure where I heard …).

What to do if you want urgently propiarit an event, product, company, a specific person? Question … Remember, what people do when making a decision about a product, service … in short they are looking for feedback from other people … When looking for information about something the user goes to a forum on the topic and is looking for digs, demands! And other good and beavers users are saying to him that way and what is not and how to fight it. And he concludes! The scheme, for the most part, standard. Now back to the question …

How to make the user leaned to the right place with the intention of some way to respond to the information he offered. Then it may send some "public" network view of other on advanced users. Learn more about this with Fred Allen. And then on the horizon interesting projects (example) on a hidden marketing. This is sometimes referred to as guerilla marketing. Food for Thought: "Hidden Marketing" – is a tool for the so-called non-advertising promotion. In this case it is not the direct and the indirect effects. So … They are a kind of intermediary between the customer who needs some action "guru", so euthanize a clear mind, "shaggy" user and push him back on track and webmasters, copywriters, users who do not is difficult to do some job for Targeted and hidden in a PR-specific coin. So if a user before his comrades had to do a similar job in hand, we now have the opportunity to purchase this work. Services otbtrayut ispolniteley themselves and do the work. Is it good for whom? We'll see. You can also order a national PR to promote his project. Service would help attract the audience's attention just to your project. The only thing I did not dare to say, it's about the effectiveness of this activity in its the qualitative side. The human factor in this case is enormous, and performers, as already mentioned, the gain that is called from the street. And, although the test for "lice" of the author, by the assurance administration services such services are carried out, and money is a great background supervising a tool, no one can guarantee that someone of us will not happen mood swings and he's not flattering to resound that of the earlier told with gusto, and taking into account the fact that in the eyes of potential audiences tagetirovannoy this character has time to gain a foothold as an expert on certain issues, it could lead to far blagopryatny outcome of the entire company. Of course it's all probability, as well as the fact that a server suddenly collapses and will not have access to the site, but it still is …

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