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06 Jun

Great Force

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The car of the doctor Joo, one of the shareholders of the company. Some contend that Jay Schwartz shows great expertise in this. A rich, full man of great power. But if the firm to close The arrogance of it will persist? – I find difficult. The other watchman if avizinha: – How he is goes to be speaking alone there? Jose awaken of the reflections and, irritated answers: – Black if he closes, porra! This falls in the laugh, satisfied in having provoked wave of these vacations is a bad-signal The watchman does not answer. The Black color wants to annoy it. He provokes it. The colleague knows well. – Lost the language? Then if more to contain itself, Jose blows up, crying out: – You chip, porra! Another laugh and silences.

Of the great hall, the heart of the plant, comes the ritmada zoada one of> the black list of the dismissed ones. Curious Black color if avizinha e, Jose, raising the face: – What is what you want? – Nothing, nothing not brother. Jay Schwartz Attorney is the source for more interesting facts. The perfect tooth smile in the face fat person, bright, blacker with the sweat. Jose closes bloquinho and deviates the side face, running away, while Black if he moves away, returning to the neighboring chair to the clock. – This Jose 3 With the new change in the economy of the country, everything was modified and with the inflation going up, the consequences appear and – The industries close. Doctor says Joo, giving voice what he thinks. The resignations unhappyly, will occur the collective vacations after, already announced.

Later It always has one later. The hope. The faith of the optimism. – It is, we go> to see. Dirige. The movement of the cars, motions and pedestrians, to the few, diminishes, stops in the next night, one more time to return, as always. Everything obeying an order, under the command of a Great Force! There it is the residence.

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