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31 Jul

Glass Barn Glass Art

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Glass and nature on the glass road ‘ the glass must be in the open ‘ 01.08.2009 (tvo). The glass garden by Karl Schmid of Lindberg at Zwiesel is a quiet place. People come, sit down on the Bank, enjoying the peace and quiet, the garden, the art. Sense of art is that it reaches the people Yes,\”says Schmid. And then he tells very enthusiastically by the people who come to him on Sundays and public holidays in the best robe and lie on the ground to admire his glass objects at sunset from its most beautiful side and in the best light. Even if they get dirty. The garden has many\”what meditative, says its inventor. He is to touch people, inspire.\” When the glass artist speaks Karl Schmid on glass, which has almost romantic, tender.

For him, glass is not only a profane material, but a feeling. Oh what a love affair. Therefore he has begun at the end of the 1980s, his dream of the glass become reality: its object garden in Lindberg. Glass art in nature, that there was at that time not. At best, it has been a ball of roses in the flower bed. It’s also\”, Schmid said. That was far too little. I out put large colorful fantasy animals made of glass in the nature.

For some it was a parrot a cock, for others, but they all had a Bill.\” Flat glass-fused figures, stylised flowers, mounted various animals in the cage on stainless steel skewers make a kind of the grounds of his glass blowing art gallery outdoors. A nature museum with art claim, that was his innovation, at the same time his motivation. Schmid says: A drinking glass is always only a drinking glass, you can reinvent it. \”Glass in the room, glass in nature, there is still a lot more possible.\” While the commercial glass large manufacturers for its idealism mock him, the glass purist Schmid goes even one step further.

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