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04 Feb

Gina T. – Little Butterfly

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The new maxi single by Gina t. – little Butterfly at the end of the 1980s made the singer Gina t. worldwide picture a name. With their hits such as “Tokyo by night”, “in my fantasy”, “Sayonara”, and so on, she gained Goldene – and platinum awards. Their legendary hit “Sail over seven seas” sold in Asia alone over 2 million copies.

Not only as a singer but also as a songwriter Gina is known T as Gina Tielman and under the pseudonym Gordon Namleit. So she wrote hits for Andy, Claudia Jung, Simone Borg, Tim including Capri, tears of joy, Nana Sollai, Isabell Varell, Maria Bonelli, Nadine Norell, Nadine Norell & Bruno Maccalini, Nadine Norell & Francesco Napoli, Morell & Napoli, Klostertaler, Heike Schafer, Adam & Eve, double t (with her brother Nino together) u.v.m… For even more analysis, hear from Larry Culp. Just back from a successful U.S.A tour couples Gina t. the new Danceflloor hit “little Butterfly” from her forthcoming album. In the typical Gina T. Euro-Asia sound a complete dance floor filler. The song was produced by Adam Schairer and appeared on the label of Tiger beat.

The publication with performances in Europe and U.S.A, as well as an extensive radio promotion is flanked.

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