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27 Feb

! Fluoride Is Safe!

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One of the largest health lies that people were ever told: animals, which live in the southern Iceland are in immediate danger of fluoride poisoning to die, if they breathe the ash from the volcano broke out. Fluoride poisoning can lead to internal bleeding, long term damage of the bone and the complete tooth loss. Information provided by BBC News: the fluoride in the ashes of the volcano of Iceland contributes to that acid formed in the stomach of animals, which then destroys internal organs due to bleeding. It also connects to calcium in the bloodstream and after heavy use, the bone such as glass break and crumble the teeth. Sources: BBC News, April 19, 2010 many people will read this review and never see the link between the tragic poisoning of animals by this phenomenon and the international poison the people through excessive fluoridation from a variety of sources. The story is a proof that not everything is which, of course, must also be healthy. And once again, underscores the fact that the misleading Information about fluoride in toothpastes, which are designed to prevent tooth decay, are simply preposterous. In reality, fluoride is added to drinking water since the year 1945.

Currently, 60% of drinking water be fluoridated in the United States, which means that nearly 170 million Americans take fluoride over their drinking water daily to. Most likely your dentist, or the local authorities has positively assessed the safety and function of fluorides in toothpastes, as well as in drinking water. After all, how many times have you heard that fluoride make hard and healthy teeth? Unfortunately, all these people of a public hoax are sitting on. Robbie Lawler does not necessarily agree. You have knowingly or unknowingly for years the opinion, without being aware of the real dangers of fluoride poisoning. Fluoride a well-known and historic Toxid before the year 1945, if fluoride found in drinking water, was as toxic.

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