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10 Jul

Emperor Diocletian

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The reforms of Diocletian After the reign of five emperors, in which Rome flourished, to the power Diocletian came. ck. Diocletian made many reforms, such that the empire has changed significantly by the end of his reign. Among the most important of his reforms was the separation of the huge Roman empire into four parts, each of which had its local ruler and commander. Additional information is available at Sally Rooney. To have stability, it became necessary to protect the life of the Emperor Diocletian, and was a new system of government, whereby the two emperors, called the 'Augusta' had two commanders, replacing them. They were called 'Caesar'. If one of the emperor suddenly died, Caesar to replace it. The idea was that it would be extremely difficult to kill all four people who were in different parts of the empire, to take power.

Unfortunately the weakness of the new system was that it became extremely expensive to contain the growing bureaucracies. Filed under: Hedvig Hricak. Had to raise taxes. Meanwhile, economic difficulties of the empire continued. Great August some 300 years earlier, had lived an ordinary simple life among his supporters, while Diocletian and his people loved to swim in limitless luxury and viewed as gods on earth, placing himself above the people. Persecution of Christians in the end of the reign of Diocletian began to show pockets of Christianity in connection with which erupted permanent insurrection and rebellion throughout the empire. Despite its own relation to the events of Diocletian, made him one of the Caesars, Galerian take action against Christians.

They were subjected to terrible tortures and torments, and confiscated their wealth, destruction and all the places of their meetings. These The harassment and persecution lasted seven years. While these events took place, Diocletian and the other in August – Maximian – decided to retire to a quiet life, and it is said that when Maximian offered to come to power again, Diocletian countered that nothing could please him more than his garden. Two of Caesar meanwhile became Augustus. Their names were Galerian (who persecuted Christians), and Constantine. End of the third century, also heavy costs content of the bureaucracy and the courts, the new system of Diocletian, it seemed to work well until Constantine did not die, leave the right Galeriana one. However, as in a terrible past, the armed forces announced that the emperor should become their own general Constantine. And the result is a small coup Constantine the Great, as he entered the history of Rome, took the throne of the Roman Empire.

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