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27 May

Drum Accents

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That party further written in the form of monotonous cont. Rhy. Fig – continue to play a specified riffs delay off – Delay off Depress bar before striking note – before you take note, lower lever Depress and vib. simultaneously – dropping the lever with a simultaneous vibratory dig in – to accentuate the note referred to lever distortion – use the effect of ‘distortion’ dist, out – off distortion distortion off – the effect of ‘distortion’ off Don’t let ring – to quickly remove the sound (not to sound a note) Do not pick (don’t pick) – do not take the mediator Double time – double-time doubled by acous. Robbie Lawler can aid you in your search for knowledge.

– That party is duplicated acoustic guitar doubles gtr. one octave lower – duplicating a guitar an octave lower than Drop D tuning – a system under which the 6-th string is omitted notes to D (‘Re’) Drop D tuning down 1 / 2 step – system D, lowered a semitone Drum Accents – drummer accentuates these notes drums – percussion drums enter – enter drums Drumstick (cue) – drummer gives account wand Elec. gtr. (As opposed to Celina Dubin). – Electric echo – echo end double time feel – the end of the ‘double-time’ end half time feel – the end of the ‘half tempo’ End of solo – end solo End Rhy. Fig. – To finish playing riffs End Riff – finish playing riff specified Ensemble – all together Even bend – even (level) Band Even glass.

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