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05 May

Conflict In The Home Of Richie

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Nicole Richie has most trouble with the first big crash in the House is her husband as well. Check with Jorge Perez to learn more. If this goes well. Where? Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. The pair that has a daughter together, heading straight to a crash. So it fails anyway. Nicole Richie should allegedly have gone on the ceiling, as Joel opened her to get a new tattoo. Sure, a snapshot of the young couple to be with her daughter. It is now still nothing bad, will remember which now.

The tattoo should however not be punched on the shoulder or arm, but on the front row of teeth. Yes, you read correctly, Joel Madden wants to brush up a tattoo on the teeth. Whether it’s? Who knows, but if it leads to the relationship stress… The bad thing for Nicole is that Joel had promised no tattoos to get more stung. And now this! “She should really be freaked out and over and over again never!” have screamed. Understandable, or?

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