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06 Oct

Commission Marriage

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Finally, the Vision is the location given by God of his home, Ministry or your company in future scenarios. It is the divine dream and therefore is measurable, realistic and viable in time. It is the clear picture of the desired state, which manages to motivate members of the Ministry to make it a reality. God will not give you a big, important, transcendental, vision of high impact, but to be unrealizable. If God gives a vision she will not only be great but that you actually see it converted. Vision is called among other things for that reason therefore, o King Agrippa, I was not rebel to the heavenly vision. Made 26, 19 mission: The mission is defining you as a sole proprietorship, you as a person, his home, his Ministry (the company) at the present time. It is the raison d ‘ etre as the son of God, as home, as marriage, as Ministry (Organization).

Is related to the behavior, your home, of your marriage, of his Ministry (the company) in the present, with what makes with the things to which it has given by God himself. Because if I announced the Gospel, I have no why boast me; because me is imposed necessity; and woe to me if it advertises not the Gospel! So, if I do so willingly, reward I have; But if bad will, the Commission I has been entrusted. 1 Cor 9, 16 and 17 contain somehow identification of their gifts, skills, talents (skills). Elements of the mission. The mission can be described: the purpose the persons or group of persons who wish to become as a person, as marriage, as Ministry (customers in business language) what we offer. (Products or services in the language business) segments of population, their geographical location, the areas where they are (the markets). The principles that apply to you as a person or to his marriage, to the Ministry (in language philosophy business) the means we use to reach the person we want (the basic technology).

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