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31 May


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" Her actors often use to quickly enter the desired image. This technique allows for a second to change the internal state. Stand up straight, take a deep breath, straighten arms, lift your head, look straight ahead wait for a few seconds Say something solid and even voice, you can even command anything. Fix this image for yourself. You – the winner, you are full of confidence and self esteem. A symbol of confidence What subject, animal or plant is the epitome of confidence for you? This can be anything: a century oak, the king of beasts – a lion, an impregnable rock or a fortress. Divide the image in your mind, feel your energy and fill power.

Lock this feeling and enjoy it. Cloud confidence Sit back, close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that with every breath you breathe confidence, strength, energy, and with each exhalation You exhale shyness, excitement and anxiety. Related Group has much to offer in this field. Take 5 pairs of slow breaths. Now, without opening his eyes, imagine the color with which you have associated confidence. Which color do you think, can be painted confidence? When defined with color, imagine a cloud of color confidence, surround yourself with a cloud, immerse yourself in it.

Enjoy a sense of calm and security. Now add music. What music inspires and energizes you? Perhaps it will be Marsh bullfighters Bizet, or something even more life-affirming. This music comes on stage the huge hall, where you clap thousands of people. Hear the applause? That's all you, your honor. Soak up the success, fix it. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Filling confidence This technique incorporates elements of art 'cloud of confidence. " Relax, close your eyes and imagine a color, with which you have associated confidence. Now feel the energy of confidence, painted in the chosen color, fills all your body, penetrating into every corner, filling your every cell. Director Peter Farrelly: the source for more info. Now turn your 'Music of confidence' and continue to be filled with energy. The music sounds louder, you feel energized and determined. If you know the smell that you associate with certainty, remember and feel it. Maybe it's the smell of leather in the car, the smell of boxing gloves or a special perfume. Let everyone around you will be energized, music and the aroma of confidence. Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

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