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26 Jan

Clementina Walnut

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The suffering is always a ntico event of the Dasein, one singularizao form existenciais. Therefore, it does not belong to the ontolgica composition of the Dasein, even so must be with this correlated (WALNUT, 2008, p.285). The Dasein consists of the being in the world, according to Heidegger (2001), where it accents of the language, the opening that desvela the being (the essence), where it shows what it is ahead of the desocultamento of present being. It is essence is the presence, is what one becomes visible, when the being is leaves to be hidden. For Heidegger (2001) the man answers the reasons, and not it causes. He enjoys of the freedom to answer of this or another way to the reasons that are placed to them in the exercise of the be-knot-world.

The disease is a human behavior that appears in the reply to these reasons, and not as resulted of causes (WALNUT, 2008, p.284). Possessing as analysis of it she estresse the phenomena of the pack, where one is synonymous of the other. Being this she estresse understood as part of a colloquy that is only capable to keep with the world, being made with the interpretations by means of these factual ones of the being in the world. Something estresse it is ontolgico, is part of the man, its life, of the daily one, but it only goes to be alarmed when the individual if to find in danger conditions, ahead of the situation the one that if finds. Possessing as treatment it estresse for it: physical activities, remedies, good feeding, massage, therapy, etc.

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