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02 Jun

Civil Registration District Fuencarral

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Perhaps he had done a little lightly. Would Almudena blame? He was tempted in his vanity. Another Eve. That's what was Almudena Vallejo Pintado. Another tempting Eve.

But he, Melchor Garzagrande i Magina not escudaria anyone. If you had to take responsibility there he was. But on 16 November, just in case, decided to decline the case. He said the "media" that left instructing the cause because there was no charge against those who live direct the prosecution, although it considered that the crimes "stayed" and had not prescribed. He said that now lay with the provincial courts which were the graves investigate the thousands of people disappeared during that period.

Takes the ball and shoots you who gives me a laugh! CHAPTER III IS SAFE, CHIEF? – Are you sure, boss? – Asked Almudena. – Do not I know … – What if …? – Almudena insisted, adjusting her skirt at the waist point. The skirt had a tendency to turn and there was no way that the zipper was in place. – It is well known that it has always been there … – Honourable thoughtfully. – "And the evidence? – Watch the death certificate that I have referred. "In the Volume 4649 Folio 151 of the Civil Registration District Fuencarral (Madrid) know that the deceased, named" Hon. D. Francisco "and surname" Franco Bahamonde, with the last address in "Madrid. Palace of El Pardo ", born in El Ferrol del Caudillo on December 4, 1892, died at five and twenty-five hours of November 20, 1975 in the" Residence G.

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