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04 Apr

Christoph Schneider

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The triathlon portal truncates surprisingly well after 8 weeks Google benchmarking. The triathlon Portal triathlet.de truncates surprisingly well after 8 weeks Google benchmarking. Google-benchmarking is a new tool from Google, with which you can compare the access numbers, as well as many more visitors information with other websites in the same industry. “Our analysis of Google benchmarks showed that we already 8 weeks can have a superb visitor behavior after our launch on our side.” Christoph Schneider, co-founder of triathlet.de, announced today. (Similarly see: Tony Parker). From the details of the detailed report by Google can be, that is the average time per visit on triathlet.de over 5 minutes. This is compared with pages from the same industry, an increase of 111,44%.

Also in the “pages per visit”, so pages are how much per visit looked at, as well as the “number of new visitors” are clearly, sometimes with 85%, above the industry average. The “bounce rate”, i.e. how many call the start page of triathlet.de on and then leave that page again, was significantly lower than in comparable portals. “We draw from this analysis concluded that our site provides interesting content, and the visitors to the stay invites.” said Mr Mathias Jung, also co-founder of the portal, as a conclusion. It is truly amazing that a new portal will bring a good result when the benchmark “home”. Only the number of visitors were still below the industry average. The tendency for the future expect only good. To facilitate this future, we can recommend just any athletes or people who are interested in sports to take a look at. Christoph Schneider

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