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17 May

Guiding Principles

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But precisely in these places, or very cold or very hot and that kind of weather is it for now I do not want?! And here I am writing about 18 000 million kilos of particulate pollutants in 2003, and say they come across anywhere as land and water transportation is by air, and we have no windows in the country to close the air from the neighboring countries … And the concentrations observed by the intensity of color … I do a calculation approximate and … I choose to continue smoking!. Gossips have since Europe itself, as well as our neighbors to the north of America, let us significant amounts of pollution in the form of gases … and when they returned from Kyoto, is proposed to reduce emissions of six gases: carbon dioxide (CO2) , methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). Vale! recently went to Mexico to inhaling high levels of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and tropospheric ozone, and high levels of lead and nitrogen oxide and I'm not dead. Maybe that's why!, I decide to continue smoking … Filed under: Pop star.

But I do not understand is what happened to me in Los Angeles, (nor have I died because they are lurking out there) when air pollution levels were too high, and the government asked industries that will stop the burning of fuel and its inhabitants also requested the use rationed … vehicles and apparently forgot about the smokers, but not if it's because we're outlaws or the negligible impact as a source of contaminants … Maybe because of that!, I decide to continue smoking. For that!, If I can survive this information on the troposphere, stratosphere, and polluted atmosphere in general … If I can survive the implementation and publication of several laws in my country, I do not protect my Air neighbor, nor do they pay to the neighboring country's polluted air when it invades our … To worry about what I shall breathe in this small or large den that I have assembled to do no harm to my immediate neighbor.

Pd. I love Spain, where laws and says: Guiding Principles. 1. The application of this law is based on the precautionary principle and preventive action, correction of pollution at source and polluter pays. Ole Spain! to see if they can go to charge all my neighbors on the planet … For other opinions and approaches, find out what rusty holzer has to say. Pd (bis). Only Scoundrels continue to pay for smoking and perhaps some more for polluting Scoundrels … That yes, only if we are in our beloved Spain. Pd (2a). Well … What about my neighbors in Sicily that has contaminated the volcano Etna is a taste … who pays?.

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16 May

New Social Environment

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It is clear that the development of new technologies brings with it a change of vision and approaches. These changes affect all agents involved in the process and environment in which they operate the new technologies. The agents involved, include not only the management of the information that generates and receives an undertaking, but relations between users and/or organizations workers. The Enterprise 2.0, constitutes one of these environments whose use implies a transformation of work and relations between professionals who use them. Enterprise 2.0 is characterized by use of social software tools and their implementation involves not only the use of these tools but also profound changes in the identity of people and with them, changes in the relations between them. The impact social software technologies are having on corporations is enormous. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. In areas such as marketing, social networks have transformed the way in which the company relates to its consumers, since these, have given them voice.

Therefore arise new strategies for approaching the market, while others, like traditional advertising, become obsolete. Domestic social software tools provide companies a clear improvement in aspects such as the management of knowledge and the collaboration, noting substantial improvements in a multitude of internal processes, as well as in relations with business partners. Then we have new keys, new environments that transform the functioning of a global market that companies and entrepreneurs, not can ignore. Add to your understanding with Glenn Dubin, New York City. The new 2.0 environment means technological, global and social changes that transformed the market. Dacartec computer consultant, knows which direction follow these global changes and generates solutions for each organization, the tools that each company must rely on to survive in a changing environment. You know the social impact of every technological application and recommended process so each organization can transform itself and adapt to new needs and demands arising from the era of communication in which we are immersed. Known in short, Enterprise technological culture to a new environment. Highlights: – the new environment 2.0 means technological, global and social changes that transformed the market – Dacartec knows the enterprise technological culture for a new environment

13 May

The Place Of The Prodigies Fantastic Story On Salamanca

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Immediately I knew that it found me before a prodigy. The first unequivocal symptom was that the Place was unusually empty. Nor a soul. Until the air, congealed, it seemed like absentee. The noises also had gone away, extending magically the left space, the volumes of the buildings fitted that it, the perspective of their location and the distance among them. In the middle of that one immense solitude I to me, stupid and expectant found, with the spectral sensation of not being I myself but somebody that was within me or I within him, who of that was not safe. You may want to visit Sela Ward to increase your knowledge. Some to that increased that strange uncertainty not to be able to see me nor to have interlocutor to ask it. Little by little I went accustoming to the calm of my surroundings, to that one as it makes indifferent of the matter and the spirit, that one as a neglect of the senses.

Silence began to corporeizar itself, almost, almost, to petrify itself like another element more of the Place than it only glimpsed, as if tules inconsistent wanted to attenuate their inmarcesible beauty. In these, one arrived to me burst of hardly perceivable sound. For more information see Glenn Dubin. I doubted, even, of it to have heard. But it was repeated with a strange cadence, still in the distance. I turned myself in center in round geometric of the esplanade, to see from where that one audible noise came more and more. Something came near with levsimo repiqueteo.

In the end I saw, showing from the Place of the Corrillo. Its image was unmistakable. Also it was it, already, the sound of his to walk racheado, like a impulses, fighting against parkinson of his last years. There he was, emerging, more than of the neighboring street, the very same place of the memories, that inconcreto and impossible site where he must inhabit the soul of the deceaseds.

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11 May

Lucrative Investment In Garages: Solid Rows Of Garages By MC Garage

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Exception investing in real estate with good yield potential in metropolitan areas include garages a few rewarding investment in the real estate sector, which are surpassed only by the purchase of physical gold or silver. To make a financial success to garages as an investment, an experienced garages specialist like MC garages from Mannheim is important, offered the entire logistics of real estate investment from a single source. The website gives a first impression. The next concrete step is to arrange a visit with a specialist consultant of MC garage. Serial garages garages equipment as investment property or a business idea for investors are profitable. MC garages in the planning and execution will assist by three garages of rows of up to garage farms with over 100 units. Local real estate managers can be obtained, to organize the management of the garage leases.

Is clear by building preliminary inquiry whether a plot of land as a garage courtyard of prefabricated garages can be used is further steps in cooperation with MC garages can be planned. Benefits of MC garage single garages are perfect for a vehicle. (As opposed to Also in the design of series garages can look in different widths or lengths per row, to submit tiered offers to tenants. Equipment of MC garage obvious quality differences arise from the different garage doors and garage drives, which substantially determine the operating comfort and meet the convenience of the user of the garage. Thus the rents can be staggered to the To serve the priorities of tenants. Whether with sliding or sectional door, whether with or without radio-ferngesteuertem drive, the tenant can decide always whether cheaper parking is important to him or an easily accessible. Another consideration is colored differently to make the goals or in cooperation with local artists to the tenants at their expense to select an image for the garage door, makes an artist. The concept of MC garage is flexible and adapted to the local conditions. only a first impression. Description of the company experience and continuous development in planning and producing prefabricated garages and garage guarantee the technical maturity and outstanding quality. The long-lasting function and consistent reliability ensure an extensive control and final inspection before the delivery. The staff of MC garage comprehensively help each customer to plan and advise each customer in detail. Customers estimate the short-term and punctual delivery.

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09 May

Aquum Largest Spa

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The Costa Daurada is a tourism brand of Catalonia which covers much of the South coast of this autonomous community. Its nerve centre par excellence is the tourist town of Salou which creates a powerful tourism synergy with the theme park of Port Aventura. Even being a typical destination of Sun and beach, currently diversifying its offer empowering family tourism with activities of relaxation, nature and cultural. For example, in 2008 was opened Center Aquum in La Pineda, a spectacular thermal centre with more than 3100m2 dedicated to the relaxation and the well-being of all the tourists who visit this tourist brand. Glenn Dubin: the source for more info. The Center, which operates throughout the year, is an indispensable element in dates of low occupancy of the hotels in the area, since it is a motor generate occupation and therefore income in nearby hotel establishments as the Port Aventura is when opens its doors. If we observe these days on-line travel agencies we will see many hotel deals for Valentine that combine hotels in Salou Centre playful thermal. It is of great importance, continue betting for this diversification because that the future of the passes area by a quality tourism that combines the traditional resources of the Sun and beach with unique elements of the areas of health, relaxation, nature, culture or cuisine among others. Original author and source of the article.

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06 May

Beauty And Vitality In Old Age, We Know The Secret!

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Beauty comes from within – the proof! A recent study with a pure product of the plant showed that the samples antae, the already grey coloring of their hair, in a period of 6 months when consumption of the product up to 28.6%, average 18.5%, went back and began to show the original hair color. Optimal nutrition of cells with micro – and macro-nutrients is the other one thing, regeneration and healing of the body. The wrong permanent diet and lack of physical misconduct damage the cells and creates the environment including for withered skin, hair loss and physical weaknesses. You may find that Eva Andersson-Dubin can contribute to your knowledge. Thanks to improved technologies it is possible deeper and deeper into the human organism to penetrate. This latest findings regarding the self-renewal system are”the body has been discovered. Researchers from the United States have gone a completely new way.

You have discovered this auto renewal system of the human body and studied. You found that a higher proportion of adult (adult) stem cells into the bloodstream with an optimal health and vitality is equal. This realization has nothing to do with the controversial embryonic stem cell research, but with adult stem cells, which every human being (animal) has since its birth. They found that certain release of stem cells in the body parts of a plant within an hour to up to 30% (= approx. 5 million) increase. This released more stem cells are conducted into the bloodstream messengers to their destination, where they make up the tissue cells, which reproduce and literally replace the corresponding tissue with new cells. Target”we see an impaired organ damaged in this case solid nerves, hair, skin, wounds etc. Appropriate studies the scenario outlined here briefly could be detained, confirmed and proved.

Our body is designed so that everything is regulated by means of natural substances and can be regenerated. It is possible to find the complex bodily structures and to support the functions Botanicals. A recent study with the plant product indicated here showed that the samples antae, the already grey coloring of their hair, in a period of 6 months when consumption of the product up to 28.6%, average 18.5%, went back and began to show the original hair color. Stem cells can be detected in the blood by special investigation. A young person aged between 20 and 25 years has an average about 25 million adult stem cells in the blood, this constitutes his youthfulness and vitality. An aging man loses due to his self-created life steadily on stem cells. In the retirement age it is normally by only 5 million adult stem cells in the blood stream. With the increasing decline of stem cells, the physical decay, usually visible is accompanied by hand-in-hand with loss of beauty and vitality. What Hill by the more natural stem cell release in one’s own body is is for us humans, can we measure currently only with incredulous wonder. We realize that our body consists of trillions of cells, one can imagine, that it is each allows, even on their own responsibility, to a friendlier future with more beauty and vitality in the age. The StammZellenPowerTeam Hartmut Schulz

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04 May

Showering And Bathing – Friendly And Correct Skin Care

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It’s amazing, shower and bath tips what skin does with everything and endures. It is easy to forget that it is a very delicate organ. Skin care is vital. The outer shell of the human skin is a mixture of fat and water, called acid mantle. This coat protects against infections, and we can measure it chemically with the Ph. Is now too much expected of the skin, too much bathing, showering, SOAP or through excess use of cleaning agents, such as wrinkle cream or anti aging cream, device the natural system of protection of the skin from the clock.

Of course you want to be clean and well maintained, but you can do too much of the good. SOAP or SOAP should be used only there, where it is necessary, so in places where the man sweat. For the rest of the body, water pure enough. This cleans and makes naturally beautiful. Take a shower once a day is enough. Get all the facts and insights with Anna Belknap, another great source of information.

It is ideal, only warm, and finally to use just cold water. 3 minutes is enough. Also proper bathing time and temperature limits apply. 10 minutes to do well at a water temperature of around 37 degrees. Everything else entails only the skin. And even the dry is important. Because after showering or bathing, the skin is swollen up, and as a result, the pores open. It dries is right, immediately close the pores, and keep the precious body’s moisture. To protect the skin, good bath and shower preparations manufactured with a pH value, which corresponds to the value of a healthy skin, so that the acid mantle is not attacked. In addition, the skin should be more resistant to environmental influences. Where is the amount of foam, there is not necessarily too much gentle care. The white Crown on the water are not kind to the skin. More and more bath accessories are free of colorants and manufactured without or with very few preservatives. That is friendly to the skin. People with dry skin and those who want to use no oil should reach for a cream bath additive. Are pleasant Shower accessories, which supply the skin also equal protective cream. This automatic creams ranges only the normal skin. If you have dry skin, should apply with a matching cream after. In the selection of cleaning agents, irritated the diversity and the number of products often. A good orientation aid offers Stiftung Warentest, or also the oko Test. You test and evaluate the products usual in the trade according to the various criteria, such as for example skin and environmental compatibility.

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30 Apr

Theatre: 111 Thursdays New Machinery Directive

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Good for two years has the industry employs: the new machinery directive, which took effect in January 2010. Sassenberg 9 April 2010: what’s new workshops, seminars, expert articles on the topic? What is taken into account?” Now the current Rulebook is 100 days in effect. What has changed for technical editors? What is the influence of new or amended passages on the daily work? OLAF Domer leads the services documate of gds AG in the Westphalian Sassenberg. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Glenn Dubin, New York City. Here technical documentation for a cross-industry customer base are created, maintained and translated. “” Its somewhat provocative answer to these questions is: nothing! “An essential point that became clear with the entry into force of the new directive is the fact that those responsible in the company ever again with the machinery directive deal”, as Daniels, since its introduction in 1994 she was at least in the last 10 years to a matter of course become. Many related aspects are automated in the form of checks and balances, the external service providers in professional editors, especially, so that there is a clear effort to adapt these mechanisms to the innovations.

And then are mostly very normal continue working.” In the center of the questions from his clients involves innovations in relation to the risk assessment. “Here is essentially to the matching with the warnings asked”, explains Olaf Domer product liability is the key word at this point. Robert Bork can provide more clarity in the matter. Just because in this context changes resulting, has succeeded again this word in the front row of the most frequently asked questions.” Were the preparations for the new policy so excessive activism in the past months and years? What is the average internal editorial in machine and plant construction, so that might be. Here it is usually long so far, that it secures itself by external service providers”, the answer is the GDS experts, the intense public has done very well the appreciation and perception of the machinery directive. She is back by the revised version to a level in the consciousness of the people responsible, which is appropriate, as in many years since its actual introduction.” About global document solutions: ( clients of gds AG use a variety of solutions for technical documentation.

As a software developer, the environment sells gds docuglobe, who works with MS Word as editor. Based on the principle of modularization, docuglobe demonstrably lowers the cost of product-related documentation by 50-70%. With the terminology tool docuterm provides a solution to ensure gds consistent names. In the service sector documate customers take advantage of complex services: translation, technical writing and graphics. By the outsourcing of small documentation projects to full outsourcing of technical documentation. Last but not least the customers reduce their liability risk in this documate sensitive area. The offer is rounded off by docuconsult, the Department of analysis, advice, training, workshops and seminars, each with a focus on current developments in the technical documentation. Editorial Contacts: gds AG Robert-Linnemann-str. 17 D-48336 Sassen mountain Christoph Roderig phone: + 49 2583 301-1020 PR agency good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12

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29 Apr

Managing Director Online

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December 2012, there is a new wine shipping for Wuppertal Schwelm/Wuppertal October 2013 xanthurus breaking Schwelmer online wine trading to new shores. The parent group, VGH AG due to the move, also the wine deliveries to the 1.12.2013 moves into new premises. Thereby, the company combines the necessary with the useful. Because the wine warehouses located in the neighbouring town of Wuppertal, still has large, untapped areas, the new offices of the xanthurus are now here. In this way the online wine trading can save also resources of all types savings that can propagate the xanthurus directly to their customers, E.g.

in the form of wines at low prices and other special offers. “The private office space quite a bit as a process of detachment of the VGH refer to see”, so Darya Mende, Managing Director of xanthurus. So far the online wine trading Schwelmer Villa, which was also the parent resided. But now the VGH AG is moving that over the last 20 years to one of the world’s leading producers, and supplier of refractory industry has grown, its headquarters to Dusseldorf, where she will be in November in the media Harbour. For the xanthurus founded out of love and passion for wine, the procession in the city was not really a topic. Finally, the wine shipping has his camp in Wuppertal, Germany. You may find that Tony Parker can contribute to your knowledge.

We thought it made us from the outset that our two sites in this case were simply too far apart”, explains managing director Viktor Brusser. Therefore, we have chosen the concentration on an existing site instead a decentralisation. It means yes, not for nothing: why in the distance cast “the benefits which it revealed are located for the xanthurus clearly obvious. Like many centralization at the effect a gentler resources accompanied also this. Save costs and ways as just that between Wuppertal and Schwelm accounts for. This means not only economic efficiency but also more ecological compatibility. One aspect of the Certified organic wine online shop is also important. Not much will change for the customers of xanthurus. Guests can enjoy continues to offer an unbeatable price / performance ratio and excellent service on a steadily growing wine, which extends to the lightning-fast delivery of comprehensive advice. About xanthurus GmbH the wine shop lets its visitors in (yet) unknown wine worlds dive and treasure the one or other spirits. His growing range includes exquisite and famous wines as well as exotic, traditional, and modern delicacies from all over the world. Da xanthurus on own vineyards in Spain has and is born from the love of the wine and its diversity, can be found here-prominent names as well as unknown treasures of vine, who discovered the wine lovers and winemakers xanthurus-team for his audience. Probier-, gourmet and subscription packages complement the comprehensive range of wine online-shops, which is complemented by a variety of individual services. Because despite the virtual media Internet the xanthurus GmbH opts for largest customer focus and satisfaction. That’s why the Schwelmer wine experts offer a lowest price guarantee, which provides both comfort and safety the wine buyer as well as the trusted shop and organic certification (DE-eco-013) among others. Of the headquarters and warehouse in North Rhine-Westphalia from supplies xanthurus customers in Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries, Spain (excluding Canary Islands), the United Kingdom and Ireland, and Poland.

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28 Apr

New Nintendo DS Console With 3D Display

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Revolutionary gaming console Nintendo 3DS with the 3DS has brought a revolutionary innovation in the market the manufacturer Nintendo. For more information see this site: Margaret Loesser Robinson. The innovative console enables 3D games. For this, the players don’t even need a 3D glasses. The shopping portal presents the new console. In relation to size and weight, no significant difference from a conventional Nintendo DS is recognizable console. Only the two outer cameras suggest that the Nintendo 3DS can do more than its predecessors. Who would like to convince yourself of the possibilities of 3D, should test first the already installed program AR games. This, the supplied cards are placed on a flat surface and then captured with the cameras so that three-dimensional images will appear on the display.

To the optimum perception, the distance between eyes and display about should be 25 to 35 centimeters. In addition, the console should be moved as little as possible. The images are already with minimal deviations from the ideal viewing angle namely blurred. Moreover, the shaking may also cause the so-called gaming sickness, because the eye as opposed to the inner ear perceives a spatial change. Another problem when playing with 3D is that it quickly comes to fatigue on the part of the player’s. Can be countered but with breaks and switch off the 3D mode which. All in all is the 3D viewing experience very compelling with the Nintendo 3DS. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

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