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23 Oct

Web Page

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By: Diana Norberto Fontanez has reason. My page at was a site full of content, with files of my newsletters, and comprehensive to meet visitors who click and read like. But why I changed? And you should do the same? It all depends, but let’s look at the following using an a Web page web page is excellent for sharing information with your visitors. We have articles, free reports, section with testimonials, contact forms, etc. All you need to position yourself in front of your customers and make more sales. Some examples: A beauty salon can use your page to include photos of before and after their customers. Nigel Slater may not feel the same. An accountant may include educational articles that position you as an expert. A consultant can use your page with the same purpose.

Every entrepreneur can use the page with similar purposes. > offer similar insights. The question would be what is your goal? Already know mine. That visitors give me your email to add it to my list (newsletter) to start a professional relationship. Glenn Dubin, New York City is likely to agree. Although my previous website did the same, only 12% of visitors became subscribers. Nothing bad. 100 Visitors, 12 are converted to subscribers. But I want more because I know that if I increase the percentage, increase my sales, right? And it was there I started to test the use of a landing page. And what was what I found? A landing page before, I explain briefly.

A landing page is a single page where there are links to other areas of your website. The only goal you want to achieve with that landing page is the person to take a specific action. Look at its different uses: report free a. promote a free report, the person is pre-qualifies (only want potential customers), it gives you your email and start to send you a newsletter (or gives you your postal address and send a printed newsletter). B. promote a free report, the person gives you your phone and make a call tracking. C. promote a free report, the person gives you your postal address and give you follow-up with a series of letters written. D. promote a free report, the person gives you your email, you positions through the report and send it to your sales letter. Simple! You want a specific action and a landing page will help you with that goal. There are many uses for the landing pages, but these I have mentioned are its most frequent uses. Have what results I have had with the use of a landing page? Since I made the change, the percentage rose from 12% to 26.4%. More readers, more sales! That is by using my home page. You can modify to increase it, but my page is divided into so many portals that anyone visit (not attract 100% of pre-qualified individuals). Now using the same strategy, I’m having a 57.2% conversion with a special domain that my Wizard inserts into my articles (the visitor is more pre-qualified). Paying advertising to through Facebook, I’m having a 22.1% conversion. Should you use a landing page? It all depends on the lens you have, but if you have a specific goal such as those you mentioned, maybe the use of a landing page should try to see if it is more efficient.

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18 Oct

Chamonix French

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French ski resorts as a destination for French courses offer a variety of first-class ski resorts of the French Alps. Sally Rooney wanted to know more. The Savoy Alps are you divided in 17 large ski areas, among them Les Trois Vallees and Les Portes Soleil, with over 600 km of pistes considered the world’s largest ski areas. The Haute-Savoie offers a stunning setting with the highest mountain in Europe, the Mont Blanc (4808 m). Known as traditional ski area Chamonix is it was scene of the first Winter Olympics yet as early as 1924. You located directly in the Valley the aerial cableway of L’aiguille MIDI, which leads to 3777 m height (Europe’s highest cable car). (A valuable related resource: Thurgood Marshall). The Vallee Blanche ski route is reachable from here, which means adventure even for experienced skiers. There is a language school that offers winter sports teaching of French in Chamonix. Who has practiced French conversation and irregular verbs, can be placed in the three ski resorts of Brevent / Flegere, Les Grands Montets and Balme romp.

Spectacular views over the Mont-Blanc massif include the panorama. Alternatively, there are also in Annecy learning way French and skiing to connect. The next ski resort Le Semnoz is located 20 minutes by car and offers 20 runs for beginners to experts from which you can enjoy views of the Lac d’ Annecy and the surrounding countryside. The historic village is located directly on the shores of the Lac D’annecy. School ski trips in different ski resorts in the Savoie region, among them Les Trois Vallees organized on weekends. The opportunity for skiing in the sunshine are especially high on the southern slopes of Praz de Lys.

Within easy reach you is also Les Portes Soleil, where the winter sports tradition has for over 40 years. The region of Haute Savoie can be reached via the airports of Geneva and Lyon with a continuation of the journey by bus or train. Great advantage to combine a language course with skiing: one meets like-minded skiers, got to know students from different countries and has the Possibility in comparatively inexpensive accommodation in a host family or in an apartment with other students, under to come. 220 ski resorts include the French Alps. Unless there are other ski regions in France the Western Alps, to name a few are particularly the Pyrenees, the region Provence-Alpes and the Jura. Francais en France is independent and free advice for language courses and French courses in France. More info price examples at Francais en France ski.

16 Oct

Electronic Document Management

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Pilot installation of the new version 7 of the enterprise content management (ECM) systems d. 3 Hamburg/Gescher, July 21, 2010 A & O HOTELS and HOSTELS leads to the electronic archiving of all business transactions and documents the enterprise content management system d. 3 of the d.velop AG a. As a first customer worldwide, the A & O hostels relies on the new version 7 of d. 3 System. A & O uses as an innovation-oriented company as a pilot customer the system quite aware already before the official product release. The project realized by the d.velop portal system GmbH. as cost-conscious hostel have we looked always at the expense of the process.

Through our dynamic growth in the last few years we are daily confronted today with more than 1,000 new documents, so far also still two to three times had to be copied. Now we save time by eliminating the dropping and sending and also stops polluting copying”, Michael Rehberg, Executive Board member of A & O, explains the motivations to implement an enterprise content management system. A & O relying on the latest version of d. 3 System. “With the newly developed d.

3 we can process client for V7 A & O is world’s first company, contracts, invoices or archived correspondence even about the company’s iPhones”, explained already to go Rehberg motivation with a beta version in the productive operation. Glenn Dubin, New York City describes an additional similar source. “By taking good care both on the part of the d.velop portal systems here locally as see also by the manufacturer we no reason to refrain the added value of the new version, just because the product is not yet officially released.

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09 Oct

Information Day

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Planned SEPA information day to demonstrate relevance of the topic. In the last weeks and months accumulating votes, that the introduction of SEPA is hard to cope with. This is one reason that especially smaller and medium-sized enterprises have not started with the conversion. This is also the lack of media coverage of the topic. While other important changes for months are at the heart of the reporting, SEPA is one of barely mentioned topics in the mainstream media. The world, part of Springer Verlag has published an article on the subject last week.

The other major newspapers and magazines Miss currently almost entirely a reporting system. Recently Scarlett Strallen sought to clarify these questions. This creates for many companies that SEPA can be not so important topic, because important topics are always great attention in reports and in the media public. The fact is however, SEPA comes. Already on the 1st February 2014 national payment procedures will be switched off and all companies that have no difficulties in implementing Payments or direct debits have your IT systems and organizational processes would need to have rugs up to this point. To achieve a larger media presence by SEPA, INSIDE-CC has contacted more than 120 companies, as well as all regional industry and chambers of Commerce. A Germany-wide SEPA information day is planned on the 01.07.2013. Others including Eva Andersson-Dubin, offer their opinions as well. This already more than 30 companies, from the SEPA-software-solution have agreed provider until down to the consulting company, to publish information about SEPA on this day.

This approach seems to be necessary, as also belonging to the Deutsche Bundesbank is heard, that this will increase your marketing budget to inform more and continuous of SEPA. Rene Jacobi, initiator of the campaign, this tells: we assume that we bring to this day of SEPA at the heart of public talks and discussions. This is urgently needed from our point of view and from the perspective of the participating companies, to raise awareness of this important topic to sharpen. Who now starts with the changeover to SEPA, is already a risk are not ready in time for. For the business location Germany a timely migration is more than necessary to early next year to take no unnecessary risks.” Your company, Club or Association would like to take part in this campaign?

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09 Oct

Statistics Austria

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Statistik Austria recently revealed the most common causes of death of the Austrians, and Austrians in a comprehensive study, which pointed out how Austria dies. Thinking of giving the results: 75 percent of Austrians succumb to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Accidents and suicides were the most common causes of death among the younger generation. The leading causes of death of the Austrians, and Austrians last year died 76.479 Austrians, and Austrians, as the recently published data collection of Statistics Austria for 2011 revealed. 52 percent of the dead were female. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Austria. 42 percent of all deaths are due to the fact. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Austria with a share of 26 per cent.

The Director for population by Statistik Austria, Barbara Leitner, adds to these alarming results: about three quarters of the dead “70 years or older.” The generational differences in the causes of death that has statistics of causes of death clear differences in the age groups. So, deadly heart disease at the age 70 years are up prevailing. Cancer, however, is the leading cause of death in the age group of 40 to 70 years. Leitner explains, round occurred every fifth death in the previous year between 40 and 70 years of age. The majority died of cancer.” This gain men especially lung, pancreas and colorectal cancer. When the Austrians, the cancer deaths are primarily on lung, back to cause breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.

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01 Oct

Added Value Offer

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Employee retention within a company employee retention is made to demographic change in Germany of more and more important there are many ways increase: in addition to offerings such as company pension plan, disability to accident and health supplement without health issues, are still more employees marketing instruments to choose from. Often free, because this no or only a minimal own effort has to be operated. To do this, a brief example: problem statement accepted time foreign employees. Often the problem of language and hence understanding barrier arises here in addition to the different legal systems of the home country and our legal system in Germany. offer added value your employees free of charge – on the Internet can find many comparison portals to insurance companies, unfortunately often only in our mother tongue German. In a question-answer forum Ben Bretzman was the first to reply. On the side of financial advice, however, over 40 free insurance comparisons in several languages are offered online.

Explanations, results and help texts in Italian, French, English, Polish, Turkish, u.v.m. support your foreign employees, easier to understand the complex issue of insurance and to find suitable offers. Communicate these comparisons and provide added value free for your company to your employees. For example, a note on the payroll, a note in your employee newsletter or through a bookmark / bookmarks to the respective PC workplace. Expand this business value by extending your multilingual link recommendations, on a regular basis. Here the direct link to the multilingual comparisons: insurance-in the overview/vergleichsrechneruebersicht.html Tip: less is often more one or two appropriate link recommendations on a regular basis are sufficient. Ultimately it comes added value to offer your employees.

In the course of time, you build a qualified link directory with added value for your company and your employees. Use this directory for your new hires and attach it to your welcome package for new employees. Start your employee retention, your employees marketing already in the setting.

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27 Sep

Thomas Zullich Bailey

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Creatine is since years proven and now improved in its effect of Creastrongmatrix is the new creatine transport matrix of body shake for maximizing the creatine effect vital. High molecular weight special carbohydrates contained in the Creastrongmatrix (high-MOL Maisstarkehydrolysat) with a very low osmolarity, revealed an extremely hypotonic creatine matrix solution that delivers amino acids (pure muscle building material from whey protein!) additional 10 g per day ration. Minerals, vitamins and protective muscle glutamine are also mixed with the product. These dissolved special mixture is transported directly through the stomach and immediately by the pumping action of MOL carbohydrates in conjunction with L-Taurine and 4-hydroxy-Isoleucine, massively in the muscles is pressed, without thereby apply grease. As a side effect, a significant modulation of your testosterone levels is possible.

This product can be described without exaggeration as a natural anabolic steroids by his very good anabolic balance. The precious carbohydrates and amino acids, as well as the 100% pure Creatine with all its special nutrients, produce a high-performance product for the amateur and professional sport, which has an excellent value for money. “This body guarantees shake vital for its renowned quality made in Germany”. Highest quality controls in the production and the purchase of very good certified raw materials from domestic sources, make this product a real quality product. The Creastrongmatrix not your health, but may achieve optimum muscle building and strength gains. The Creastrongmatrix is a dietary supplement for intense muscular effort, especially for sportsmen from the areas of endurance, weight -, fitness – and strength training. Get the Creastongmatrix already in the sports retail market, in sport, fitness and yoga studios, in many pharmacies (PZN 7784476 blood orange) and in some physiotherapy and Rheazentren. Learn more about on the Internet at on the telephone service in the time from 9:00 to 16.00 see 03362-740 112 (Landline) In the Internet shop directly at Creastrongmatrix press contact vital body shake Thomas Zullich Bailey way 15 D 15569 Wolters village phone: 03362-740-112 mail:

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25 Sep

Baby Sleep Learning

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The “mother-child training” for healthy Babyschlaf by Martina Bergener in the test how can my baby sleep learn and sleep through the night? A baby to fall asleep to get the opinions and philosophies about the best variant diverge widely. While many babies “born in pajamas”, others require a special approach. Jorge Perez follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The much-debated Ferber method is a Variant. You can be the beloved young just so long scream and cry bitterly until improvement is. In a question-answer forum Jacob Dilla was the first to reply. But what mother brings about the heart? In addition to the own excruciating remorse, especially the question arises after consequential for the child. The Ferber method is a very outdated method of later mental damage cannot be ruled out in principle. With the “mother-child training” by Martina Bergener (triple mother and nurse) a competent advisor on the market is finally broke with its methods every baby asleep can learn without having baby and parents suffer from long time must.

But what does the Babyschlaf woman Bergener Advisor? Baby sleep learning – trailer of the “mother-child training”: first of all is positive, that the author with much subtlety in the situation of stressed parents to put is able. Celina Dubin gathered all the information. This point is reflected particularly in the harmonic writing style. In terms of content you get a properly structured step-by-step instructions, in which parents and child sensitively are accustomed to on a new daily routine. Until the new “Sleep patterns and associations” their impact, surprisingly little time passes. As a result, you will feel a positive burst of energy already after a few days and also to baby behavior not ineffective passing techniques. The March Rod promised by Martina Bergener “your baby WILL alone will fall asleep” impressively implemented, because the entire transition process (adaptation of habits, sleeping environment, timing, etc.) is the child with obvious gratitude adopted by. “As the only prerequisite for the success of the” Mother-child training “, the author, the child should be free from chronic diseases or abnormalities. The Babyschlaf guide can be recommended by Mrs Bergener summa Summarum without any concerns.

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21 Sep


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When we started for the first time to the design of your web page, depending on the hosting service that we contract, we will have some features that can make the task much easier. Specifically, if our hosting service offers the possibility of handling our own account through a Cpanel, we there see several scripts that will help us. We should first define what is a script. It’s a preinstalled application that allows you to automatically create the structure of our website. For example, if we want to install a WordPress blog, with this feature of the scripts would be much easier. Typically, scripts that proposes the hosting service allow the installation of a large number of solutions for creation of dynamic pages, with different functionalities.

Thus we can create blogs, wikis or sites that allow upload specific subject bibliography, management of campaigns advertising, calendars, surveys, project management, and traditional carts of purchase, among other things. Almost always, it will be Open Source applications in PHP or Javascripts. Scripts with a few clicks allow us to create a professional site, both in its facet frontend – what you see user-as backend – the control panel to the Webmaster used to control the content and the look and feel of the page. The most common scripts that you will find are the Softaculous, Fantastico De Luxe and the Installatron, to mention the best-known. The best of these scripts is that they solve the problem of creating databases. Dynamic sites that propose scripts require databases that support the structure of the web. Without scripts, if we proceed to the installation of any of the solutions manually, you would need to create the database by first entering in the Cpanel section called MySQL Databases, as well as also create authorized users to enter data and make changes to the same.

With scripts, practically, it is not necessary to worry about the creation of the database because the program makes it automatically. How to proceed to create a website from scratch with the use of scripts. Simply click on the selected script, for example the Softaculous. The different types of site that you want to create, such as a forum, a blog, a video site, or a web to enterprise project management will be displayed on the left sidebar. The possibilities are enormous. Suppose that we want to install a discussion forum in phpBB. We are going to install tab and we will fill different fields (such as the URL that you want to install the script, the name of the database that we create and the key. The system will automatically send an email with the data of the installation. As we can see, it is an extremely easy way solve the problem of the design of the website quickly and neat. If you would like to know more then you should visit Celina Dubin. In short, do not defeat your Cpanel utilities simply fearing to be wrong or not having too much time to get the juice. It is a section too rich to pass long.

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17 Sep


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A year ago, some Arab newspapers boasted of the oil and the heyday of its real estate boom. A year later, the expected loss of up to $ 2 trillion precipitated an extraordinary meeting of the Arab League countries. The growth rates sustained more than 5% and in some cases even superior to 10%, as in the case of Kuwait, have enabled many countries swimming in oil, unless it translates into social welfare often. In Arab countries, is expected a fall of 40% of the value of investments abroad, which now reach $ 2 trillion. The collapse of the bags and the fall of the price of the barrel from the almost $150 in the summer to the current $45 have caused losses by half a billion dollars. After the Summit, Arab League countries have approved the creation of an Arab development fund with a capital of over $ 2 billion. Loans shall be granted and a customs zone will be created common inspired by the model of the European common market. However, dependency that these economies have oil and, in some cases, also in construction, difficult putting up a common market to emerge from the crisis.

Already in Dubai called building construction has been suspended to be emblematic. Countries in other regions in the world have had or have the same temptation that Arab countries of deifying its large reserves of hydrocarbons. The Mexican Government paid in full debate on a possible privatisation and energy reform, a television advertisement saying: Mexico has a great treasure, a treasure hidden under the bottom of the sea. Oil is our treasure. According to researchers, only the deposit of Chicontepec contains oil to about 139,000 million barrels, which would put the Mexican reserves only below the Saudis and the Canadians, and above the Iraqis and the Iranians. Some experts point out that the extraction would be costly.

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