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01 Jul

Cat Fight

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How to successfully fought the ‘ Miele table artists ‘ Munich betrayed him, October 12, 2009 there is always a reason to celebrate ball season, ceremonies, or Deutscher Fernsehpreis: but at the latest upon waking, one wonders: what really helps against the heavy head? The answer to the Miele plate artists and reveal their best hangover tips: just keep drinking, eating carbohydrates, immediately cold showers or jog around the block. Cat fighting starts more than one might think: before the first glasses can be heard, you should provide a good basis with carbohydrates and treats. For the evening, if you start on an empty stomach with Rose or cremant de Limoux is risky. In the German TV Award 2009 the Board artists offer first-class delicatessen at the individual Livecooking stations. The tapas lovers can look forward to Spanish appetizers at the wine bar and then directly choose an appetizer: including Vitello Tonnato are Roberto and fennel orange salad ala with lukewarm goat cheese from raw milk and Chorizochip on the menu. In recent months, Charlotte Hornets has been very successful. Fennel is one of the oldest medicinal plants, she calms the stomach and ideal as the basis, then the young chefs Dornfelder to order red wine or Pinot Noir. The Miele Board artists are not only experts in the kitchen, but also when it comes to the proper selection of fine wines.

The gastro professionals on the basis of three commonly used anti-hangover strategies reveal how los to the possible consequences of the night before quickly. Strategy 1: Fire with fire fight wine, sparkling wine or beer who tomorrow even no desire for a hangover the next, simply continues. Usually with the drink, the man stopped on the eve. Strategy one helps in the first moment, but not in the long term to solve the problem. Best to drink in between always a glass of water to supply the body with enough fluid. Even better: As soon as the Gala is over and you safely home arrived on the same evening, nor vitamin C or fresh lemon to take with water. To prophylactically to declare war on the headache, the aspirin tablet is irreplaceable. Strategy 2: Home cooking instead of haute cuisine a hangover breakfast with many carbohydrates and enough fat helps to distract the body from the effects of alcohol.

Fried eggs are a classic hangover breakfast with Bacon ever deftiger, the better. The Prairie Oyster, a raw egg with Worcestershire sauce and vinegar is considered extremely effective means. The morning coffee or espresso are no.-go, because they exacerbate the hangover by liquid, they deny the body. Instead, you should drink a cup of milk, cocoa or tea for breakfast. Tea has a calming effect for body, spirit and soul, just the thing after a long night of the Gala. Strategy 3: The hangover that defeat healthiest and most effective strategy for combating hangover by far active movement in the fresh air is sporty. The Miele plate artists recommend the following programme: it begins after the guard with a Shower, involves radical agenda to the floor exercises, and then in the Outdoor jogging suit, 1000 metres in the fresh air to go jogging, but it helps.

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