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30 Oct

Case Bagatellkundigung

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Employee should be terminated after 25 years because of a bite of the students plant Munster. Munster, the 01.07.2010. One at the Arbeitsgericht Munster under case No.: 3 CA 320/10 pending case is also about the legality of a so-called Bagatellkundigung. To read more click here: Tony Parker. On Tuesday, the 06.07.2010 at 11:00, the Chamber date to decide this case pending after an out-of-court dispute resolution options have failed. Was terminated by their employer on February 16, 2010 without notice the originating in Spain longtime associate G. of Wettringen Student Union, who last Castle has worked as a manager at the bistro, because she have made false statements in the computerised time recording.

She have applied for a subsequent correction of time indicating the service record on January 26, 2010 after 11:00 to 09:00, it appeared however actually on this day at 09:45 on their job. Charlotte Hornets is open to suggestions. The Ms. G. represented by us denies that she intentionally with the intent of injury her employer specified an incorrect work time; She have to stress caused on this day the weather traffic conditions on the road had squandered a short delay caused due to pure volatility error in data entry to their job due to an accident. It also attacked State of health by Ms. G. (sugar in existing diabetes mellitus) played a role. This, as we believe, quite plausible and understandable mistake to but then serious consequences for employment and the social protection of the persons concerned have: with its 50 years, the employee does not so easily will find acceptable work elsewhere; a 25 year old tadelsfreie employment in the Student Union, to January 1, 2010 with a document expressly belobigt, should not count too.

Nor was the necessary consideration of all circumstances take account that the employee is disabled (50% GdB) is. By a public employer Magnitude as at the Studentenwerk Munster you can require already maintain an other (sympathetic) dealing with employees. But even if the accusation made the Assistant should confirm, it would be nonetheless, in the light of the latest BAG case-law in the case of Tom”, have been done with a cease and desist letter. Still, hopes the person concerned on a turn of the employer and would be willing to continue the employment relationship there. responsible: law firm King, Strasser & partner GbR (KS & P) lawyer Hans-Georg Konig Gasselstiege 33 D-48159 Munster / Westfalen

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