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07 Feb


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In Japan, afaixa varies of 2400 the 2500 MHz. 4 MAIN AREAS OF APLICAESNO CORPORATIVE MARKET 4.1 CampusNetworking This is a great area of use necessity dTecnologia of WiMax in applications. Here we have an important niche in the areas dePetrleo, Industry in general (former P., Cement), Load Patios (Railroads eLogstica), Ports, Civil Construction, among others segments. 4.2 Building toBuilding Connection Connection between different installations of a mesmCorporao. The WiMax also could be used as redundant connection deacesso of a Corporation. Backhaul de Wi-Fi and VoiP the WiMax can be used with infrastructure of a RedeCorporativa de Wi-Fi and/or VoIP mainly where infra-estruturade installed cabeamento does not exist or when to desire to disponibilizar Services of Campomveis. 4.3 Surveillance This of Mesh platform announced its interest em’ ‘ mixar’ ‘ WiMax and Mesh Technology. 4.5 Mobile solutions deAtendimento This is an area that interests the Governments very Federal, State, Municipal and also to the private market.

The state governments had left in the front with its Solutions deAtendimento the Customers (SACs). Recently some State Governments comearama to propagate the idea of Projecting Services for Social Attendance. Corporative and Government Reviewed of WiMax 5 TESTS an experiment of the WiMax net made in 2005 for a grandeoperadora of cellular telephony of the United States had a poucoanimador result. Problems had been told to reach the waited levels> detransferncia of data, arriving only at a small percentage of the reached nveislaboratoriais. This indicates the lack of maturation of the technology. In Brazil, another place in which was installed this type detecnologia is Mangaratiba, RIO DE JANEIRO. Intel executed in Minas Gerais, in the cities of BeloHorizonte and Ouro Preto, some tests many satisfactory ones, being that in OuroPreto the test was considered as ' ' Test of Fogo' ' , had to the relevomontanhoso of the city. One of the done experiences was the installation of umaantena WiMax in a Kombi with three computers.

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