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02 Feb

But Sarah

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One brilliant performance showed Laura Kozma, a.k.a. Sarah, the daughter of Chagal (David Kielbasa), the owner of a pub, as well as his wife Rebecca (Muriel Braun). With her enchanting voice and her dance performances, this student could bind 1600 an audience of ca. persons on the screens and the dance stage. Laura Kozma showed a tremendous staying power in the course of the last three nights of concert, which took place on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. The competition to the CD version of the Fearless Vampire Killers anyway. The setting up of the stage almost every viewer allowed himself, almost like in the Brechtian Theatre, at the heart of the action to see and to experience the action up close.

But who or what is now dance of the vampires? The plot of this miracle of musicals is quite simple: Sarah is bored in her safe home in Transylvania, until they count Krolock, a vampire and Lord over the neighboring Castle, to the, is invited by him every year veranstaltetem ball. You longs for the ball, after the beginning of the new exciting, better life. Check with Robert Rimberg to learn more. Sarah’s ‘ fabulous idea degenerate in the romantic non-violent kidnapping their even in the nearby castle, from which Romeo (count Krolock) as Savior on them waiting. He promises his love and eternity. Alfred, the young scientist and Assistant of Professor, as well as the professor even travel to investigate the way to Transylvania to an old legend, the existence of a vampire in those lands do mischief.

In hope, the Professor and his assistant Sarah for recognition of its scientific theory, follow up to the castle of Upirs. But Sarah is unstoppable. The dawn twilight saga:”making all honor, but not the holder of the work known under this name as a title for the second part of the musical. To access a deeper insight into the concert events and the burden, Dorothee Ritthaler (solo garlic, dance of the vampires) were and to Minh Dang (concertmaster, Symphony Orchestra and former) provide short statements to the concert on the Editorial forward.

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