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14 May

Bob Marley Text

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That the happiness is not the convict, in way some, however, where is solidarity when is needed it? Where it is the humanitarian and altruistic sense that as much nails the Letter of the Human Rights? It will be that it does not pass for the minds contemporaries who have subjects more important to be considered beyond ' ' heris' ' of the Big Brother, of placares of the departures of soccer inside of the dispute for innumerable goblets, and if they had been many or not them conquests of the Carnival? ' ' Rhetorical questions do not have to be used without one had justificativa' ' , my considerate writing professors of Average Ensino always said. However, with the impactantes information previously displayed, I believe in the dismissal of another one and any explanation. I call the phenomenon of the current period of training in which if he finds the humanity as ' ' amnesia contempornea' ' , where the desventuras? are ambient or concernentes they to the wound of the human rights? they more affect the globe for the fast dissemination of information for the varied medias only for determined period of time. Abstaining the affected ones, its familiar ones and knowing, &#039 is general; ' esquecimento' ' on the part of the population, where it only demonstrates commotion the elite aristocrat or of Hollywood in intention to get status through citations hauls for assessors and agents and of multimillionaire donations. For who the text started if lamenting of pain, my creative cio surprising was well reached. Concluding the text on aid to the next one, ' ' It never crosses the arms ahead of a difficulty. Therefore the biggest Man of the world died of arms opened for voc.' ' Bob Marley.

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