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05 Jan

Black Square

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Although best known today for the square is black. It's "Black Square" by Malevich, who hid under the black paint all the colors of your emotions and the full palette of color sense. The law of transposition, bred in 1920 by one of the founders of Gestalt psychology, Kurt Koffka, read: people's perceptions of themselves are not colored, but their relationship. Interestingly, if the person primarily responds to the color of objects, it is considered a sign of impulsivity, emotional instability. A focus on form shows a tendency to think logically and Control own feelings. Therefore, in accordance with their own temperaments and preferences, we usually choose the furniture for the home. And the fact that one may seem too bright or defiant, the other is perfect for relaxing pastime. The same probably applies to the kitchen – the space where we will arrive after a long day at work and where we hope to find harmony with gratitude for their efforts.

In general, how much colors, so many opinions about them. Interestingly, in our language, dozens of names of colors and shades, and the Japanese – there are about six hundred. Emotional people – these Japanese, especially because they live closest to the rising sun. Alchemist and ARTISTS As we know, there are three main colors of the spectrum: red, green and blue. And all the other colors are derived from their mixing. There are also additional features, the intensity of color and tone. There are also lighter shades, when at one point or another color added to white, dark or black.

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