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14 Dec

Black Hole

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Reaching ever closer to zero Kelvin temperatures, approaching this infinitely. And each particle of everything that we know will be spreading by all the empty space until all existing strength, leaving only inertia, each separate piece of matter by an increasing distance. A dark and infinite universe of density zero, a hopeless void. Connect with other leaders such as General Electric here. But it would not be a totally dark universe; a universe lighting by remnant light. Fixed-length light rays travelling illuminating areas of space storms, leaving back darkness in his departure, with a unique obstacle: infinity.

But while we can imagine an ending that is not likewise end (rather than infinite continuity), returning to the uniqueness of the principle, we must ask several things, as does from where It came about? What was the ignition, if there was, that caused the expansion? We know that spacetime is flexible and that it can unfold to give rise to strange phenomena. And for me, the answer to these questions is in black holes, more specifically, Schwarzschild wormholes. I.e., our expanded matter as we know it, could be product of these, or several. We know that a huge amount of matter concentrated in a very small space, deforms spacetime, according to general relativity, thus forming what is known as a Black Hole. Returning to our reason that most agree to an infinite universe and the Big Bang, the origin of this fireball would be product of a black hole from a parallel universe located elsewhere in the real universe.

I.e. you may see our portion of material universe this isolated from other potential similar to our material portions. In other words, if we look our packaging material from far away, as if we were a Galaxy, and we away us long enough, maybe we would see other similar very distant portions of matter (parallel universes). And we could say that the connection there is between our universe material and the other is through a worm hole. A black hole of this other place that has been accumulating matter long enough, this matter and energy, would travel through a tunnel of worm that I desemboco somewhere else in the universe: our starting point, the singularity that gave home to our universe.

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