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26 Aug

Beneficial Effects

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Bath – a great tool for body as a whole and it has long been known. But what action has a sauna on the joints of our body and how it fatigue? During the bottom of the muscles of arms and legs, namely joints, go to a very large load. Speaking candidly Spurs told us the story. This is especially felt women whose daily care is subjected to large joints overvoltages. Most often occur in the evenings swelling, and pain occurs in the afternoon, disappeared in the morning and causing anxiety to the lunch time. Susceptible to such feelings, and men, especially when it is loaded heavily on physical exertion, whether it's active lifestyle, or physical work at work. That such a miraculous way to strengthen the joints, get rid of edema, hypersensitivity and pain symptoms is the bath. Glenn Dubin, New York City is likely to agree. This is a peculiar exercise of the joints, as well as the whole body in whole. Steam treatments increase body temperature, under the influence of steam and then go out toxins, stimulates the activity of sebaceous glands, improves circulation, relaxes muscles, relieves muscle tension.

If the bathhouse you led joint pain, initially you enough three hits in a steam room when visiting the sauna once a week. Gradually the number of visits to the steam room can be increased to 5 – 6 times. Before "the first steam" joints, as well as the whole body should be washed thoroughly with mild soap and wiped dry. It is also very important to choose herbal supplements for the steam room.

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