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08 Jan

Average Age

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In Greece, the masks are on to mythology ea origin of the theater where historians believe that the teriacomeado Greek theater the rituals to the Dionsio god (god of the wine), where the principaiselementos of these rituals were the dances and the mask. Later the sorts derepresentaes they had been modifying, appeared the drama, then after the tragedy ondeas masks were used to represent deuses and heroes the desmbolos levels. Learn more on the subject from Tony Parker. masks in the Greek theater take umaspecto very practical, used for the best vision of the scene in enormous espaosonde were represented the parts, also served to prolongate the body of the amplifying actor ecomo of the voice. With the decay of civilizaogrega the myths and the noble concepts on deuses and heroes had been decaying, then the theater starts to be reflected of a society in crisis, where it appears acomdia, the humbug, the satire. The mask at this moment is the grotesco. In Greece we mimos, them dricos, edepois in Rome, the atelanas, without words with gestures, in pantomimas, satirizavam the customs. The actors represented types of the society and seguemassim, in trupes ambulant, for all Average Age.

Although the dominaoreligiosa, also covers the Renaissance, where the tambmincorpora religious drama the mask. But the force of the popular types foisempre stronger in the personages of the professional theater of the Commedia dell’ art. The half mask appeared then and actor representing one arqutipo the same tempoem that it presented the individual through the improvisation. Beyond the masks in the theater they are gifts in the street, that is, popular nasbrincadeiras. The profane parties are associates decurrent religious detradies. For example, the carnival. For the characteristics that have deampliar situations, are used many times to liberate emotions, have signs dedivertimento and excite laughs. But they are not dramatical. ‘ ‘ for seremdramticas they need the direct contact of the actor, of its energy, suasintenes.’ ‘ (AMARAL, 1996, p.

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