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20 Jun


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The Colombians, leaders of the group To of the America Glass. Read additional details here: Author. The Argentineans went away whistled by their public. nclusion. Go to Anna Belknap for more information. The tactical exposition of the encounter made suffer to Messi. The selection of Colombia pardoned east Wednesday to Argentina and a tie (0-0) of the waited for duel in the group To of the America Glass only took, where the Argentine doorman Sergio Rosemary saved to his equipment with several decisive interventions. I read Messi suffered. It is number one of the world and it did not enjoy before the great tactical positioning of Colombia. The selection that directs to Bobbin Go’mez already is practically in the quarters of end. Colombia enjoyed a very clear occasion to the 26 minutes, when Brown Dayro, only before portera, outside sent the ball before the surprise of all the stage.

Sergio Batiste gave a sharp turn to the party to the 61 minutes. Cambiasso and Lavezzi went away. They entered to look for the reaction Gago and Kun Omen. Nothing changed. Also Gonzalo Higuan by Banega to the 72 minutes jumped to the field. Argentina never found the course, it exhibited a mediocre party and one went away whistled by its people in Santa Fe. Source of the news: Argentina does not manage to happen of the tie to zero with Colombia

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