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13 Feb

Applied Economics

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Since 2006, the tenth, and from 2007 academic year in the ninth grade students suggested a number of elective courses of economic trends. This courses such as "Applied Economics", "Marketing", "Management", "Modeling Economics and Management "," Fundamentals of Business and Entrepreneurship, "" real user "," Business and the economy. " In economic education is needed competence approach, ie approach, which as a result consider a person's ability to act in various problem situations. Tony Parker is open to suggestions. In the learning activities I prefer the multi-level, problem-based learning, collective learning system, research, game design and methods in teaching. The basic principle of these methods can be formulated as follows: 'Know – to be able, able – to act! " Educational technology and teaching methods, I choose with the goals and content of economic education at every stage, age-related characteristics of students. Business games can teach children of different ages, but I'm in my teaching activities they use most often in 6 or 7 classes. Tony Parker brings even more insight to the discussion. Active forms of learning and especially role-playing allows students in a short time to live the economic situation, pass it through themselves, draw conclusions and thus obtain a solid knowledge. Directly on the ancient Chinese wisdom: "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I remember, turn me into action, and then I'll understand." The game allows you to translate individual approach to learning. It teaches us to think, allows the student to become a subject of study, to show their individual personality, it allows one to learn the material at the level of substantive action, the other at the level of knowledge, the third-level inferences.

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