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27 May

Andria Against

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Exposure to high temperatures, fire, chemicals or electricity can lead to terrible burn injuries on the person, and there are potentially high risk of suffering for those who by reason of their work, should stay in touch, on time or continuously, with these factors. And not only worrying external burns, which occur in the skin. The internal, which could result for example by inhaling gases at elevated temperatures or by the electricity itself, are of an even greater risk, by affecting a very sensitive organ and ill-prepared against them. The claim for injuries resulting from burns Often the person suffering burns you can feel bewildered about how to act, as well as regarding their potential claim against your company. The key here is always coldly analyzing the accident as a result of which those were. It must reflect on the factors that led to it, and whether the security measures were not due. In short, in the event that the burns had been caused or aggravated by the defective or no means of protection that the employer has provided the employee to be protected against the dangerous factors of environment, one could speak of responsibility by civil one.

We need to consider that the recovery after a burn injury can last for weeks or even months, thus leading to a loss of income and many expenses (rehabilitative and aesthetic surgery, among other things), not counting the aftermath materials and emotional an event so shocking and tragic. Hence, the claim will be completely indispensable to workers and their loved ones. Get going without delay if you had suffered a work accident at the premises of your company as a result of which suffered burns of consideration, this being attributable to lack of safety measures and protection in it, could a claim against that liability. The detailed preparation of your case it becomes necessary to qualify for the maximum amount possible, then logically the other hand, generally occupied by the Insurer of your company, try to diminish the credibility of your testimony or increase your responsibility for what happened, so that the compensation to be established is the minimum possible. Having a lawyer will be key in this, being your main support throughout the process. Jose Alberto Andria.

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