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25 Sep


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The numbers in Apocalypse have a theological function – ex. 7 = complete it, 4 = cosmic complete it (anticipated whole Earth image), 12 = number that represents the people of God – choosing. Chronology The Premilenialismo discusses that from the chapters 19:11 – 21: 8, we see a number of visions like sequence because they happen between the destruction of Babylon and the new Jerusalem (Cp. Speaking candidly San Antonio Spurs told us the story. 18 and Cp. 21-22), and the use of the term ” then I saw ” they are not any sequential structural breakage, and therefore the 1000 years they are after the return of Christ. Here it is important to stand out that the writer indicates to a descontinuidad in his narrative and the premilenialista hermenutica not it it considers.

The Amilenialismo sees this text like being a summary: e.g the age of the played church again of a diverse perspective, because it does not have any sense to speak to protect the nations in 20:1 – 3, when it has already destroyed them to Christ by his coming (19: 11 – 21), and the four information of the cosmic destruction (6: 12-17, 16:17 – 21, 19:1 – 21, 20:9 – 11) indicates to a summary of the subject of the final judgment and the victory of Christ. Finally, reading Apocalypse, the subjects of the judgment are re-enlanzan through seals, of trompetas and the glasses wrath, and therefore, according to the Amilenial opinion he is not simply chronological. Although the most natural reading of the Apocalypse 19:11 – 20:10 is sequential no unit of the breakage, combining all the aforesaid evidences, more by an argument can be persuaded of the summary..

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