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04 Feb

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Murder mystery with little power who plays a murder mystery on the PC or a game console, is usually voltage, a sophisticated background story and puzzles that will earn this designation. Lost identities”by the game manufacturer dtp young entertainment meets these expectations fully. The consumer portal auvito.de explains why. At the beginning of the game for the Nintendo DS, the player still in a mysterious and exciting story believes: student disappear without a trace and reemerge later with modified character. The protagonist, FBI agent Derek Chase and health officer Alice Holloway, to clarify what happened.

Thus ends the exciting part in principle. The story has several inconsistencies in the history of the game and also the degree of difficulty leaves to be desired. The puzzles represent no major challenges in most cases and the choices that the player has to make, usually limited to the choice between two options. The technical realization of the game is also disappointing for the part. The background image is static and the music more reminiscent of elevator music.

One of the biggest shortcomings of the game, however, is the lack of narration, so the player must read much text in very small font size on the already relatively small display of the console what is very tiring in the long term. The mini-games unlocked in the game are generally though not more sophisticated than the rest of the games. If they are but successfully solved, the player will sometimes further information without long texts. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

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