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28 Mar

Brazilian Soccer

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For: Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR As well as if it speaks in concentration of incomes, concentration of capital etc., now is also speaking in concentration of twisted. According to Tony Parker, who has experience with these questions. He is ' ' espanholizao' ' of the championships, that tend if to summarize the confrontations dicotmicos (maniquestas), type Barcelona x Real Madrid. Who more loses with this model centraliser is the small clubs of the capitals. Some survive with difficulties. Others had been summarily extinct. Which are the structural causes of this model, that funnels championships and concentrates twisted in few clubs of mass? Throughout my research on soccer, I talked with some journalists, researchers and controllers of small clubs e, without pretension to deplete the subject, I can summarize the five main factors for cited them. In synthesis, they are the following ones: 1) Professionalization. Many clubs had not resisted the movement, therefore they did not have capital enough to set competitive teams.

The ones that had survived, had turned only shades the proper one passed. competes, differently, with teamses of occasion (not true ' ' clubes' ') supported for city halls or great companies. The support of the city hall does not exist if the small club is of the capital. Some see debtors to order games in other cities: some caramingus in I change of the loss of the twisted one, the tradition and the roots. Sponsorship of great companies also does not exist, therefore the marketing depends on the visibility of the mark, i.e., of the size of the twisted one that the club reaches.

2) Great stadiums. Alberto in Teresina, Vivaldo in Manaus, Almeido in Joo Person, King Skin in Macei. It is the thesis of Raymundo Pictures, that debit against the account of Maracan one of the reasons of the apequenamento of clubs as PICTURES Are Cristvo (, Raymundo. Rain of glories. Campinas: Bridges, 2004.

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26 Mar

Brown Shoe Company

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Tactical in-store marketing concept in shoe company that Brown Shoe Company is a global shoe retailer with an irresistibly good selection of popular brands. Every year more than 100 million pairs of feet in a new pair of shoes of the company for women, men and children around the world run. Many of them are sold through the at one hundred percent in the property of the company retail chains, famous footwear and Naturalizer. Brown Shoe sells a variety of Schuhen-ranging from sophisticated footwear from via Spiga, Vera Wang Lavender Label about comfortable shoes with Naturalizer and Franco Sarto style up to the familiar comfort of the brand from the House of Dr. Scholl and the exciting collections in collaboration with stars and starlets such as Carlos Santana and Fergie. Mood media supports the community projects of Brown Shoe with music artists by integrating pieces of this artist in the music program of the individual branches. The company uses the music and communication solutions as well as digital display s mood media in each of the more than 1,300 branches of the company in the United States and Canada.

The company aims to delight customers with a very pleasant shopping experience. Gain insight and clarity with Movie Star. Especially the ambience in the showrooms plays an important role. Mood media music programmers worked on the development of custom-tailored music mixes for various brands of the company together with Brown Shoe. For famous footwear a colorful mixture formed in modern, youthful styles of music in the field of pop music with popular little progressive-oriented pieces of Lady GGa and Beyonce to Beck and Fatboy Slim. The sound makes sure that customers with joy when the thing stay, discover a bit of the own adventure and get pleasure right on the purchase of shoes. For Naturalizer was chosen on a feminine sound with cheerful and light-hearted pop and soul. The mix fits well with the fresh and easy positioning of the brand and combines unforgettable classics with a chic new cut and a timelessly beautiful decor. The services of a pure music provider were replaced with the offer of mood media.

The contracts expired at different times in the different branches of Brown Shoe with the old provider with a period of five years. To ensure of a smooth transition with minimal disruption of business operations in the stores, the plants were installed by mood media on the first day of the new contract in each branch. Mood provides for all branches in-store messaging and transmits the music of the old provider relating to the equipment for mood media. With the expiration of existing contracts it was changed at the music in the individual branches automatically to the custom music mixes by mood media. The transition could succeed so easily and without interruption of the business functioning.

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