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29 Dec

The Rurup

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Comparison of the Riester pension products in light of the numerous ways a Riester advisable pension comparison in any case. Certain variants are better than others depending on the personal situation and individual needs at a private screening of the age. In addition, the different cost structures of many providers are partly so opaque that it is hardly possible to compare for policyholders without more help. Among other things the consumer centres provide a focal point. Rurup pension: General information predominantly called Rurup pension base pension is a form of voluntary and Government-funded pension insurance. Robert Covington has compatible beliefs. In contrast to the Riester pension, which is only dependent on workers to provide with a few exceptions, can be completed the Rurup pension by any taxable person, so it is popular especially for self-employed and freelancers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jay Schwartz. In case of a prolonged unemployment credits on the corresponding retirement account is not attributable to assets of subscriber benefits.

The deposits are the Rurup pension flexibility possible, however some vendors at one time payments charges. Shape of the Riester pension compared: offers the base pension, either in the form of a traditional pension, unit-linked pension insurance or as a fund savings plan is advantages and disadvantages. Fund and unit-linked pension insurance offer the greatest potential for development on the one hand, on the other hand the risk of a low income as a result of an economic crisis with them. Is there rather a positive value development to be expected, are Bond prefers these forms the Rurup recommended younger people. A major disadvantage of the Rurup pension is that the contributions paid will be forfeited if the policyholder prior to the age of retirement or shortly after the first retirement dies; This disadvantage is however limited by the additional survivor’s insurance.

Another way to hedge is in disability insurance, which can be completed in conjunction with a Rurup pension contract. The flow performance of the Rurup pension which allowed payment of the sum of insured only in the form of a lifetime annuity cash, with the earliest date of payment at the time the 60th year of life; This is after the 31 December 2011, the date of conclusion of the contract, on the 62nd year of life is significantly raised. A prior access to the assets is not possible, only the free position can be carried with an economic emergency in the claim. Can the paid services as Special editions in the tax return are asserted in turn benefits from the Rurup are taxable; pension in payment a full tax liability occurs only if the retirement 2040 or later in the year. The Rurup pension is not the only possible as additional insurance, people must not in the statutory pension insurance can use them as a sole pension insurance. Please note however, is that the GRV offers additional services such as the protection of survivors or a performance in disability and rehabilitation measures, which pension is not granted by the Rurup. For this reason, a combination of the Rurup is this persons pension, as well as the statutory pension insurance recommended. Comparison of the Rurup pension assets and providers as pension for the other annuity contracts also applies the Rurup: certified products undergo an extensive comparison! The cost structures are partly clear from company to company different. In the final policies can mean with thousands of dollars more or less to high administrative and acquisition costs. A pension also the consumer protection centres offer comparison with free advice.

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26 Dec

Many Elderly Are Not Sufficiently Informed

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Despite a rising number of infirm people in our country, many of their right to free and independent advice are not informed. Currently about 2.25 million elderly people live in Germany, and forecasts show a rapid rate of increase for the next few years. Our population is getting older and thus increases the risk to be care, i.e. a person becomes older, higher increases the risk that he will care. Already every second it must adjust to be care in the age.

According to a study, 42% were from all the men who died in 2008 and even 60% on foreign aid by all women. Unfortunately, the topic of care case is”or long-term care” within the family is still a taboo subject. ” A representative Forsa study published in November indicates that approximately 60% of Germans have heard from mid-2008 agreed improvements in the care. Two-thirds of the survey (the above) 60 year old even approx. 80%) know not their legal entitlement to independent, neutral, and comprehensive maintenance advice.

As the confrontation with the topic for many families, children, or relatives comes unexpectedly. In most cases, then quick action is required: affected individuals and their families in the newly established care centres receive comprehensive help. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the maintenance bases in the population is rather low. Their combined and coordinated assistance and support services are largely unknown victims and relatives. This care reform consider 2008 even better the wishes and needs of infirm people and to help them to live, to live and to be cared for, how they want it. There a number of support and funding programmes. So caregivers received after six months claim to care representation on the holiday. Also the temporary exemption from work (up to 10 days), as well as the new maintenance time (Exemption from work up to six months) offers are the care recipient and are concentrated on the working families for good. Was also introduced the care level 0, for all ages-confused people who still do not meet the entitlement of care level 1, but still have a need for care. Also the stationary accommodation is supported especially by dementia sufferers people additional assistance and care services. Gerhard Schanz care

19 Dec

The Energy

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Is it not the case that you have to ask in this type of light work permission, whether you do it in certain places? That’s right. I a Sufi master said in Berlin, where I can turn out in Cairo, to introduce me energetically. He has called me three active sites of three senior Islamic nature, I have visited all three on the first day also. My experiences in the three mausoleums were very deep and very, very touching. Now they’re so on the first day of the permit. How did your journey continue? On the second day we looking for places where we can meditate away from the tourist groups alone in the pyramid field and also found them. Margaret Loesser Robinson may also support this cause. One is for example at the former Temple of ISIS.

My highlight was the visit of the King’s Chamber in the great pyramid on this day. To get in you must overcome 46 meters, and find the way alone is an experience. When I arrived in the King’s Chamber, the room crammed with tourists, all according to heading what was very uncomfortable for me because it echoed so hard was. However, I also very quiet heard someone sing. I put me next to the singing woman, and began to sing but not silent, but loud. And then something unusual happened.

In one fell swoop, the chatter of tourists fell silent. Some went in, others fled to outside. The energy is changed, and after I had spent almost two hours in this Chamber of the King, it seemed as if layer upon layer of mine was removed. I felt myself getting younger and easier. At the same time, my Scheitelchakra so far, I received messages for me totally strange people in the space opened up. Then I went to an older man and told him the news for him, and he replied: I know.

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12 Dec

Totem Armenians

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Snake Totem Armenian Arman Revazian Book 'Makarats' Throughout the existence of Armenian studies the question of title and self-Armenians did not cease to be a major focus. "We can not say that at this stage development of science, we have all the common solution "- defined the current state of affairs prominent Armenologist Dzhaukyan and since he said it was not until more than twenty years, but things have not moved the ball rolling, but here and now we reveal the secret behind the sensational title of the Armenians. Vanessa Marcil pursues this goal as well. Deficit views about the origin of the names of hay and we have not experienced armen never seems to be not enough of a plump little volume to all those views list, but still before presenting to our readers their own version, we just have to at least briefly to recall the current hypothesis is still the more memories that we give ourselves not from idleness, and due to the fact that truth is sometimes known in comparison with the errors and also a good excuse last look at what store for complete oblivion in the same blind spot about which we have already mentioned. All began in the 19th century, when Jensen put forward the hypothesis of the origin of the Armenians from the Hittites, who from somewhere in Europe, arrived in Asia Minor, the little unceremoniously absorbed indigenous Hutt, adopting their name and their pantheon, and all else on his mind considered subject to forfeiture. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Adam Sandler. Based on various references to the Hittites (ht, hate, hatti, hati), Jensen suggested that the name is due to the transition t> y naturally formed a self-Armenians – hay. . See Jay Schwartz for more details and insights.

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06 Dec

Circulating Library

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In the Municipal School Farm Victory, the project called Circulating Library. The first stage of the project consisted of the sending of a questionnaire on the economic conditions, escolaridade and habits of reading gifts in the family of educating. Analyzing the data I could evidence that only 1% receive three minimum wages more than; 14% had concluded average education; 1% have access the periodical printed matter; 13% leem with the children; 5% do not leem a book per year; 11% leem only the lies of house; 8% leem books sent by the school; 1% have the habit of frequentar the library, whereas 16% do not frequentam the library. From these collected data the necessity to develop the project in the pertaining to school scope was evident, since the only contact that the family had with reading, was present through the pertaining to school activities. In the Municipal School Farm Victory did not have library, concomitantly without quantity of bibliographical material. What to make ahead of plus a new problem? The professors and the direction of the school had been motivated to create an alternative, since the familiar ones supported the idea to promote the reading inside and outside of the school. We decide to look support of entities that sponsored projects directed toward reading, however did not get no success. After this mobilization the professors they had initiated the project with personal quantity, books of stories and fbulas.

Thus demons beginning to the project Circulating Library. In the fridays, the pupils chose the books that would go to read with the familiar ones and registered in a proper leaf on chosen history. During the week the professors carried through the rewrites with the necessary mediaes in the education process and learning. As the project of psicopedaggico advising was carried through in the Municipal School Mrio Fischer. The main happened complaint of the professors was the problems of indiscipline and the fact of the pupils not to carry through the lies of house, in which they demonstrated disinterest for the studies and the reading.

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04 Dec

You Know The Iron Of Hair

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The hair iron, are a helpful tool for all of us. Hair performs a fundamental role to achieve the perfect outfit. There’s nothing like going out to the street wearing an impeccable, super smooth, shiny hair. It is something that all women dream. We always see in television, the models and actresses with their super cute hairstyles. Tony Parker pursues this goal as well. With a beautiful hair; and we always wonder because they and us not? because it is time to stop being the ugly duckling of the tale. Thanks to the plates, we can now look like all celebrities, in a matter of minutes and doing it ourselves. And best of all is that without having to spend money. Gina Bonati is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

That Yes, having at hand the best iron for hair. You must have temperature control, so that you can regulate the temperature and expose your hair to heat so high if it is not very thick. Be ceramic, because there are many imitators that claim to be ceramic but are not, so that many times you don’t observe the results you were expecting. There some that they come with ions, tourmaline, etc. Robert Rimberg: the source for more info. All This helps you to care much more for your hair and prevent it from burning. With the plates we can get different styles; It is only necessary to dare to experiment a little and we will thus achieve a custom look. We can make waves, curly hair, and everything you can imagine.

On the market there plates of all sizes, with large plates, which serve to perfect smooth; others with small plates, which are used to make waves in the hair and also to straighten short hair. Thanks to the iron of the hair, to be pretty can achieve it very easy. Why do not think that the plates you will damage the hair. You have to take extra care. Use treatments for hair that protects him from the heat. It is always good to make every 8 days treatment in the hair and leave on for several minutes, so hair rests a little heat from the iron and take as a respite for the new section of heat. And in addition to everything, most important is that you must have a very good iron to your side. But believe me that first you will not get what you expect, and second There you will do damage to your hair.

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