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31 Jan

Pros Internet

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In the internet age, people began to live more quickly, the fact that earlier it was possible to spend a few day now done in minutes. For example a person wants to buy a car if he has no internet he would have to go on auto market, and if the nearest auto market is 150 miles from his house, the path does not close and not a fact that came to market he finds what he needs. And if the Internet at your fingertips, you can simply go to the site and ads for 30 minutes, view up to hundreds of offers to sell a car, plus photos and a car, another 30 minutes on something that would interest him ring up the proposal. The result for 1 hour on the spot without wasting money and energy on movement, one can find the desired information. The importance of the Internet these days can not be overstated, those who 'got into the network' Internet will not be able without it, so a lot of opportunities he gives us, so why not use them. Just give Internet enable a person to be heard, as each may be in various forums, social networks, etc.

express their opinions, share their thoughts and impressions. There are people who have difficulty communicating with people in real life, who is ashamed to say in a direct conversation, looking into the eyes of the man what he thinks someone is simply by virtue of its location difficult to find a companion who could support his conversation, but the Internet is such a person easily find like-minded people with whom it would be easy and pleasant to talk to. How much fun can be found on the Internet, this is another very important plus internet. A huge number of games, music, movies, photos. You can not leave home to travel the world to see all the fun, all the most beautiful and remote places on our planet. Of course to see live is much more interesting and impressions will be greater than view pictures, but not everyone has the opportunity to travel in the real world, and the Internet makes it possible to see almost everything, where man has gone before. I think the Internet is one of the most significant inventions human development in recent years and it has spread on the right and 'won' the whole world, he made our lives much more interesting and not easy.

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17 Jan

Comedy Pub

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Now there is contamination from the inside. The TV screen pages of the book more interesting. Fashion heroes of popular comedy program or series is much more attractive perennial Heroes, described the great Russian writers. Reading Russia has been replaced by Russia looking to discussing arguing. Now the taste of human music, television broadcast, in the modern entertainment defines his style of life, by which it tried and condemned (frequent). It seems that the ranks of young people there is an opinion that if a person reads, eager for knowledge does not deserve the honor of modern man – he was a botanist, he was sick, despite the fact that he has everything his opinion, and is a way of life in search of answers to questions … It's in our hands.

What are we, then, that we want to do with myself – we have the right to dispose of as we ourselves want. Only if we are not drowning in self-pity, we know its purpose. What is happening with Russia, not only with language – he says all of our inertia to themselves. We do not care. Before themselves. We can change the board, bottle, cigarette, player – a book and know that nobody else will tell, but we do not. Self-improvement is now – this is the maximum amount of information that man had acquired over a period of time. At least among the young is quite honestly looks – everyone in the pursuit of fashion.

Whether it is the fashion for floral shorts, fashion watch Comedy Pub (name changed intentionally), fashion speak instead of "hello" – "hello" in any case, the pursuit of fashion, as well as of the time determines the winner among the people, but one that manages everything. "This," he? .. This race has given us to forget the roots, to laugh ancient knowledge, despise poets, just because they do not understand, do not see anything except that we deliberately show. Global rigmarole, which was organized by mankind is destroying our world is. Russia's role in all this – it seems to be the guinea pig role. There is still time, remove from the screen of your children, hand them a book, any, just interesting – a child is to instill an interest in reading before, so it was more interested to know …

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