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17 Jul

Who is the King?

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View a day of normal life in the palace was as compared to a great party idea wedding as one of those who made so great and special as today, the difference was that the women sat on one side of the room and men the other. The food was served in the same way easements by a body of impeccable handling and treatment. The halls were decorated with art objects, flowers, and especially detailing imported fabrics also show the charm exerted by the novelty of its colors and designs, texture could be seen in the foreground. Sample was a kind of fashion, who served and guests to refresh themselves and create an awakening in their tastes. The music lived in every corner and dealing with it, the best performers come from distant countries, women dressed as belly dancers aroused desires in men, and aided in the investigation of certain movements to other women.

The King took advantage of these moments to give back to the table and thus to stop in front of one of his wives, showed that she was chosen for the night, was his way of letting you know the intention of spending an evening with the chosen . Were these the times that each brought out their best smiles, only possible way to draw the attention of the King. That day it seemed that of a celebration, were all happy, no woman could imagine the real reason for the party, because you did not had been idle.

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