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19 Apr

Walldorf Server

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The monitoring software theGuard! ApplicationManager analyzes the SAP benchmark SAPS and delivers the REALTECH AG key figures to the targeted server optimization Walldorf, may 6, 2009, manufacturer of software for the IT offers the possibility for further analysis by SAP benchmarks in SAP landscapes management as well as SAP consultancy, now. It aims to determine the degree of utilization of IT systems on the basis of the measured values and to identify optimization potential for IT operations. Additionally, IT organizations able to provide an accurate and fair cost allocation to internal or external customers, which takes into account the actual use of existing IT resources. Especially in virtualized environments, the SAPS allows equivalent “value in addition to a better utilization and a more accurate sizing of individual partitions and system enhancements.” Also, the control values support the CIO through a precise and practical planning. Basis of SAPS-theGuard is the application monitoring software! ApplicationManager RealTech and the maximum power of an SAP system identified by the SAP-standard benchmark. With the theGuard! ApplicationManager examines the IT department how much the server is actually busy users. The review collected and grouped the theGuard! ApplicationManager values running SAP transactions according to certain criteria, such as transaction type, task type, client, or location.

Determined theGuard using the appropriate dialog steps! ApplicationManager the so-called “SAPS equivalent” value (for example max 6,000 dialog steps / h = 100 SAPS). The actual load and use a SAP server is also measured and made in the context of the application. Received-Approval-to-Test-Commercial-Deliveries.html’>US Parcel Service. This is transparent to IT managers, to what extent the initial sizing for the operation or other users is sufficient, whether new hardware must be purchased or free computer capacity can be reassigned. SAP offers for all applications benchmarks, by the operator of an overview of the most important and get popular transactions and their demands on the IT landscape can measure. As a central measure, SAP has introduced the SAPS value, which represents a measure of the performance of a SAP server.

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