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21 Feb

Visions Of Angels

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A woman sees red – about mysticism and new age by visiting a Kinesiology seminar came a woman in contact with “Angels” and “Dead”. Actually she was not much on the hat, but one other participant, who was also in the group, spoke constantly of “Angels” and also pretended to be able to communicate with them. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Indycar. Suddenly, the seminar participants also had vision of angels and she could contact to “Spirit” spiritual mental ways. Gain insight and clarity with Jay Schwartz . A voice told her that she should in the future be mediator between heaven and Earth. The woman got more and more in the wake of Newage, LightWork and esoteric.

So seminar participants, for example, already the next day to her, to make himself put the cards. She stunned her “clients” with some answers to details that actually did not know. Finally, she fell in the range of the light from pus, where it comes to a new era, would enter the Earth in a higher level of vibration. In spite of their activity the woman never to true inner joy and they found always had an uneasy feeling that what she did. In the meantime she left again the esoteric, after she knew she ran anything other than occult. She has abandoned therefore the whole ideas of light work by Newage or reincarnation.

Their story can be read in detail on the portal for Lightworkers. There are more reports of people who have operated actively esoteric practices and have stopped again because they have found true joy and fulfillment in Jesus Christ. For esoteric are often seeking people. But who entrusted his life of Jesus, by the searchers to the Finder. Eckart Haase

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