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25 May


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LOGIC TRENDS projects lives, before lives, they were compact clusters of information, consisting of energy trends similar to trends in the expansive essences. Philosophical logic tests that I will try to show in this paragraph. What contained the lives before being lives, when they were a non-physical projects lives?: They contained clusters of information, trends were concentrated, were energy information, were clusters of inductions, were as expansive essences (something that is not material that does not exist but has a number of trends that makes it something that is not detected, but there was something lacking as a cluster of trends). The trends that have the mental evolution of life are similar to the trends that have expansive essences, which are not detectable because they are clusters of trends or inductions. Trends in life are similar to the trends of the essences expansive because life arose or was an induction or induced by the expansion trend.

Read the following examples: 1 These draft lives tend to the union, or attraction, as well as the essences shock (see the section of this book entitled "everything tends to unity" in the exposed and all of the same species tend to unified). 2 These draft lives tend to movement, expansive dynamism, as well as expansive essences. 3 These draft lives tend to evolution, as well as expansive essence, which when expanded die or disappear through attrition, in favor of other essences that are born with the same trends and copied by induction information from the old core to continue continually renewed with the same evolutionary process in which multiply more essences essences renovated.

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