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22 Jan

Travel Travel To Ischia

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The Green magic in the Gulf of Naples lovers of exotic plants and relaxing thermal baths are well catered for on Ischia. The Green Island”in the Gulf of Naples is recommended by its mild climate as a holiday destination in the fall. While in the summer months, numerous city-tired Neapolitans populate the island, visitors there expected much relaxation and recreation in the most colourful season. What makes the once prominent popular destination, reveals the online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de. A holiday in Campania, you get through a trip to Ischia varied. The largest of the Islands in the Gulf of Naples evokes long forgotten desires. The many gorgeous landscaped gardens that invite you in summer to lush music nights are a special highlight.

In the past centuries, Ischia was a legendary place. So are many archaeological finds of Greek city Pithekoussai, founded in the eighth century before Christ. Visitors can relax in the Museo Archeologico di Pithecusa on the Traces of ancient times go. Bath enthusiasts come in the bays of Lacco Ameno or Sanmontano enjoy healing thermal springs. Exotic plants can be, however, in La Mortella. People such as Jay Schwartz would likely agree. The composer Sir William Walton and his wife landscaped garden to even 300 plant species are home, growing in Europe only on Ischia. The archaeological sites of the island are unfortunately increasingly threatened. So there are no meaningful construction rules, on Ischia what prompted some residents to build huge houses and will become destructive proportions. Therefore the places on the sea which radiate a typical Mediterranean flair and are easy to reach by boat are ample as the cultivated vineyards.

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