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27 Sep

Thomas Zullich Bailey

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Creatine is since years proven and now improved in its effect of Creastrongmatrix is the new creatine transport matrix of body shake for maximizing the creatine effect vital. High molecular weight special carbohydrates contained in the Creastrongmatrix (high-MOL Maisstarkehydrolysat) with a very low osmolarity, revealed an extremely hypotonic creatine matrix solution that delivers amino acids (pure muscle building material from whey protein!) additional 10 g per day ration. Minerals, vitamins and protective muscle glutamine are also mixed with the product. These dissolved special mixture is transported directly through the stomach and immediately by the pumping action of MOL carbohydrates in conjunction with L-Taurine and 4-hydroxy-Isoleucine, massively in the muscles is pressed, without thereby apply grease. As a side effect, a significant modulation of your testosterone levels is possible.

This product can be described without exaggeration as a natural anabolic steroids by his very good anabolic balance. The precious carbohydrates and amino acids, as well as the 100% pure Creatine with all its special nutrients, produce a high-performance product for the amateur and professional sport, which has an excellent value for money. “This body guarantees shake vital for its renowned quality made in Germany”. Highest quality controls in the production and the purchase of very good certified raw materials from domestic sources, make this product a real quality product. The Creastrongmatrix not your health, but may achieve optimum muscle building and strength gains. The Creastrongmatrix is a dietary supplement for intense muscular effort, especially for sportsmen from the areas of endurance, weight -, fitness – and strength training. Get the Creastongmatrix already in the sports retail market, in sport, fitness and yoga studios, in many pharmacies (PZN 7784476 blood orange) and in some physiotherapy and Rheazentren. Learn more about on the Internet at on the telephone service in the time from 9:00 to 16.00 see 03362-740 112 (Landline) In the Internet shop directly at Creastrongmatrix press contact vital body shake Thomas Zullich Bailey way 15 D 15569 Wolters village phone: 03362-740-112 mail:

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