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06 Apr

They Become More Confident

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Signs of confidence Let us go to explore the meaning of self-confidence, to a test. Read the list of statements below and see what, in his opinion, are a sign of confidence in itself. 1. Admit when wrong. 2. Being flexible when change is needed. 3.

Talking about his achievements. 4. Describe the negative events in positive terms. For example, “We fail our goal, but we sure learned a lot.” 5. Dress for yourself without caring what others think. 6. Using a strong handshake.

7. With an informal language, in an effort to avoid sounding too “corporate.” For example, “You did something right.” 8. Speaking very quickly. 9. Smiling often. 10. Learn new skills. 11. Putting in order to sound humble. Compare your answers to the bottom of page three in “Quiz # 1.” Low self-esteem Part of the definition of self-confidence is to think of what low self-confidence, which looks and sounds. Try now. Circle of statements expressing a lack of confidence in itself. 1. “I can be wrong, but I think the answer is ten.” 2. “Thanks for the compliment. We are very proud of our work.” 3. “That was really stupid of me.” 4. “I forgot my card. I put in the car.” 5. (In response to a compliment) “Oh, I’ve had this dress for ten years.” 6. ‘I got into this program, but not like to take people with my background. ” 7. “That sounds like a challenge. I’m sure we can find a way to solve it, though.”

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