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15 Dec

Therefore CAP

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DIVERSE DEUSES As much people place in its residences and firms works of art with prints of flowers, animals, fish, birds. finds that to place a work of art representing the CHRIST JESUS is idolatria. It will be that it prefers animals, flowers, fish, birds as its god? Or it opts to the mineral kingdom? It wants to return to these kingdoms? The choice is of it. 9 – It succeeded that, for the noisy one of its prostitution, the land poluiu; because it adulterated, adoring rocks and trees. 10 – Although everything this, all did not come back of the heart toward me the false Jud sister, but pretendingly, you says. 13 – It recognizes your iniquidade, so only it recognizes that you transgressed against Mr., your GOD, and you prostituste with the strangers underneath of all leafy tree and not of these ears to my voice, says you. Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP.

3:9, 10 and 13. SHE LOVES THE STRANGERS AND AFTER THEY GO? 20? Despite it has very it broke I it your yoke and it breached your ataduras, you said: I do not want to serve you. Therefore, in outeiro all high and underneath of all leafy tree, you lay down and prostituas to you. 25? But you say: Not, it is useless; because I love the strangers and after they will go. Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 2:20 and 25. VEGETAL AND MINERAL GENERATION That says to a wooden piece: You are my father; to the rock: Generated you me. Therefore they had turned me the coasts and not it face; but, in come the anguish, they say: It raises you and it exempts us.

Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 2:27. They do not want works of art with the JESUS print, because she is idolatria, but why in the hour of the danger they do not appeal to the rock and the wood to help them? The ANATHEMA OF MASTER 32 – Therefore, all that one to ahead confess that me of the men, also will confess I it ahead of My Father, who is in skies; 33 – but that one to ahead deny that me of the men, also will deny I it ahead of My Father, who is in skies.

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