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12 Jun

The Royal Spanish Academy

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Jack Wilson to discuss the issue within the framework of case grammar. The Royal Spanish Academy of Language in Dictionary Panhispanico doubt, be presented as: Formal Option (le) "formal ariante v le (s). When the dative pronoun le (s) precedes one of the pronouns accusative of the third person (s), la (s), it takes the form: I bought sweets were bought, I put the shoes put them on. "Reflexive Often used as it is called Reflective, where there is equality reference between subject and object is direct or indirect object and reflexive: 1) the girl is painted 2) Luis dresses 3) She paints her nails 4) Eneida dust gets According to the Academy in these cases the forms act as Direct complement (sentences 1 and 2) and as indirect object in (sentences 3 and 4) in such cases include strengthening tonic Pedro sentences wiped himself as reciprocal is: Students and teachers appreciate, The boys were frightened each other, They were very polite greetings. This is a special form of reflexivity, there are multiple subjects, there is exchange of roles of subjects and objects. Expressive value is "third person personal pronoun with expressive value. It is the use of reflective (referring to the subject of the sentence), with syntactic function similar to that of the indirect, but not required by the verb come. His presence brings expressive nuances of different types and their use is often expletive, can be deleted without changing the sentence meaning suffering: Juan (se) deserves an award, Maria (you) read the novel in one sitting.

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