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26 Sep

The Pyramid

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When to obtain what I want I will be happy, I I said. The presence of took to Scrates to imagine me the pyramid of necessities of Maslow, knows that when to conquer a step, automatically will desire the next one. It took me to Scrates to think about the reasons. In my arrogance to find that wise person everything came me to it with one that I needed to learn to make better questions. Why somebody had not said this to me before? One more time, Scrates comes with plus one of Scrates. – It knows: All say to it what pra is good you for making, do not leave that you find its proper answers, they want that you believe the answers of them.

The childbirth of ideas, the maiutica of Scrates. spoke: Everything what we inside need this us, the people are not what they think, they think that they are. To these they completely took off me ranks of my world and she showed to me how much its leadership and support were being basic in my life. I quick attention in what they say, but they do not say nothing Perhaps if all you pass pass this way she makes and to forget me everything that I made All form of being able is a form to die for nothing Engineers of the Hawaii. Really, they did not say nothing made that me to think, until appearing Scrates. At any given time where he did not want to hear one of the advice, I became involved myself in a serious accident, without perspective, nor of walking, much less competing, painful process and discredited, he did not desire more to come back to compete, I desired to die. On the accident summarize saying I must me that I was abandoned by who found that was more important for me.

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