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27 May

The Differential

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Not, you do not changed yourself into a double being, but yes in one to be entire. The stranger of this is that let us not learn this in tenra infancy. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, who has experience with these questions. Stranger is that our schools not in they teach to read, first for music letters, later let us can learn to hear the involved melody, later let us can learn to understand its messages of chords and letters. Maya Dubin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The construction of the spirit, with emphasis in arts, would have to be privileged in detriment of the manufacture of the corporal, professional mechanical man. If thus it was, certainly, other men would have to be inhabiting this soil, land saint of God. other wars would be being stopped, but with the differential of that the word agreement would have to be present in all, without exception.

We would have, therefore, to be conjugating much more it word peace of what the term war; this a product of the egocentrismo, the vanity and the anxiety for the profit. the base of ' ' diversion ' ' propagated for the medias they would not be obviously? films, novels and notice paved in fights, murders, rapes and, electronic games directed toward combats and art in killing and destroying, end low and grotescos conditionings come back toward the negative feelings; We would have yes, to be focados in that it could raise the soul and the human spirit, as it is only possible of if finding in art as music. It considers ' ' Rap of the Armas' ' but an exception and, a product of media much more dealt to the fashion, of what the true art. Ours it speaks, would have to be sung? homenzinho that it says in them all time in our mind would have to be, permanently, without rest, cantarolando any thing. You are my witness, you look for to intently observe those people whom a present music has always to decorate its life.

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