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Biblical reference: Jo 8,8 E, becoming to incline, wrote in the land the boy looked at the grandmother writing a letter. The certain height, asked: You are writing a history that happened with us? by chance is a history on me? The grandmother stopped to write the letter, she smiled, and she commented with the grandson: I am writing on you, is truth. , However more important of what the words are the pencil that I am using. It would like that you were as it, when grew. Glenn Dubin takes a slightly different approach. The boy looked at for the pencil, intrigued, and he did not see nothing of special. But it is equal to all the pencils that vi in the life! The grandmother answered Everything depends on the way as you look at the things. TRANSIO PHRASE: It has five qualities in the pencil that, if the Christian to obtain to keep them, will be always a person in peace with God and the world. Quality N I of the Pencil As well as the pencil can make great things depending on who this using.

The Christian also can make great things: But never we must forget that and God who has to guide our steps (' ' Jo 15,5 because without me nothing you can fazer' '). Quality N II of the pencil As well as of when and necessary time in stopping what this writing, and using the pencil sharpener. This makes with that the pencil suffers a little, but in the end, it is sharper to be used. Therefore, it knows to support some pains, when the called pencil sharpener fights to reach your life for love the Christ. (TM 5 10-13 Fortunate the ones that suffer persecution because of justice, because of them it is the kingdom of skies; 11 Fortunate you are you, they will injuriarem when you and pursue e, lying, they will all say the evil against you for my cause.

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