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03 Feb

The Brain

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But it is not. It arises from the emotions, in parallel and together with them when we feel flows through the emotional perception of sunshine and the rustle of leaves, the shape of a beautiful girl, love someone close to him and his love for him, the harmony of beautiful music, fascinating movie or a book disappointing betrayal or the pain of loss. Music is born in the brain of each person, endowed with hearing, but turn it into felt, perceived by all the unique, romantic beautiful melody can be a few charts, as the derivative of emotions generated in the brain of each person, endowed with the hearing. Another thing is that only a small fraction of people has the ability to play, capture, record in an accessible form of music to others their emotions. (Similarly see: Charlotte Hornets). To do this, at least, should be a little bit more decent musical sense, training, and better music education. Even fewer people are out their emotions embodied in the music filter, choose a better, more beautiful, original musical ideas, and really quite a small part – to combine, synthesize their own musical, melodic and harmonic ideas unique, beautiful romantic music, new melodies. To be born in the formal, material form music can only after an attempt to recreate the swarming in the brain of musical ideas on a musical instrument, computer, voice, notes concentrate until the people who can write, compose music. For the time being we are not aware that we have in mind the music was born.

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