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14 Nov

The New Week

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The new week is not presented with too many changes paranoid politicians still in its wonderful pedestal paid by all taxpayers who are those who suffer its absurdities and occurrences, but submissive beings who pay them accept everything what their politicians put them on the table without complaint and with resignation. Discordant minds take refuge in the last bastion of freedom internet where critics of the Government while this permits that the network exists, that while we go any day, us close internet but at the moment only protest can be on the network, people have the right to vent but no more, we only stayed in the relief people is not mobilized for anything unless it’s a football team or something festive, society is still adocenada in their things, any restless mind wants to awaken society but it is rather difficult, when people have no social conscience is difficult that involved in political and social movements some that another journalist wants to set up a civic platform for criticizing the Government. Read more here: Sela Ward. The people of mode very minority is awakening from his dream, where he has lived in many years, abundance, where everything seemed a euphoric celebration of consumption where the money seemed to have no end, everything seemed to joy, money seemed not never end, everyone had access to easy credit to consumption, fruit of the consumerist pressure many borrowed up to the eyebrows now the party is just and dropped us the castle above, people resigns to assume that it will raise taxes, those who should help the country out of crisis are not going to give up their privileges. People continue assuming that not worth fight for anything that politicians are a necessary evil for a society anesthetized, sleeping and without weapons to fight or at least only more beyond the protest, it is not the end of the tunnel, is resigned to endure as their pockets are decimated and little more. Protest is not going with the current awareness, unless it is by topics entertainment like football, so we have politicians like the current time and so this current society in other things, the policy does not go with none of the current Spanish many declare apolitical, because they don’t want to know anything about a caste which is not going with them and so is difficult to change anything, resignation is the usual slogan, from a society that seems passive and sleepy.

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