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26 Jun

Book Travel

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The most beautiful holiday destinations just a click away with the holiday it is in something like with the food: the tastes are different. One loves a relaxing Beach holiday and controls may be always the same destination year after year, the next like to relax on a cruise ship and the third prefers adventurous and embarks on any holiday to another country, as much as possible from our planet to discover and get to know. Anything else is pretty much the same when making this comparison: taste can not fight. However, there are some regions in the world that we want to say to the top destinations”are worth at any time once a visit. Travel book in the Caribbean mostly very pleasant warm weather aside from a holiday in the Caribbean offers a lot more. The people in the Caribbean are friendly and there is always music in the air”. For travelers who prefer to spend a vacation on the beach, are the snow-white beaches in the Caribbean the ideal place to the Relax and the underwater world invites divers u breathtaking excursions… But also, who like adventurous or want to learn a lot from a culture, finds in the Caribbean the right vacation destination. As tourists, it is not difficult to move in many countries of the Caribbean in the footsteps of the locals and the first Spanish explorers. Many writers such as General Electric offer more in-depth analysis. Still impressive bathed, witnesses from the time of Christopher Columbus. Holidays in Africa: a continent that does not let one go hear Africa, thinks a sweltering heat, pyramids and wild animals. All not quite wrong, although there are regions in Africa, where the climate quite mild is. Hedvig Hricak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Who has ever visited this continent, knows the feeling, which give one when you think back on this trip. Africa never lets one go, because there so many different impressions and experiences made on the journey, that you a lifetime will remember back. The land of opportunity: the United States the United States as a tourist destination are ambivalent about seen. The one dream of the route 66 to Jet down to try his luck in Las Vegas, or to go shopping in the Big Apple. A holiday in the United States consider others would never, ever, pull for whatever reason. But the flavors are as previously mentioned, different and it cannot be disputed of course, that the United States a land of superlatives, which are worth a visit in any case. Holiday book in the old country”: Europe last but not least the travelers should look even on the home continent or even in their own country for a holiday. Because Europe has pretty much everything to offer, no matter what kind of vacation is preferred. Here can be found for people who are interested in culture, for people who want adventurous travel book for example to Norway or Sweden, relax on a beach and trips, which allow a wonderful winter holiday to spend travel travel. In this way Europe will all in one holiday continent probably one”of the travel arrangements not should be forgotten.

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10 Feb

Ski Resorts In Bavaria – Trail Guide Bayerischer Wald

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Cozy winter holiday in our log cabin in the village of nature experience Stamsried-Stamsried (tvo). To make the log cabin holidays, you don’t need to Scandinavia to go. In Stamsried in the Bavarian Forest, there is the block House romance amidst magnificent winter surroundings. The enchanted forest starts right in front of the door, cleared winter hiking paths lead to peaceful glades and dreamy corners. Colorful goings-on, however, fills in and around Stamsried the toboggan slopes, ice curling rinks and ski slopes.

The accessories”for skiing, sledging or stock lot can borrow the guests in the village. In addition the nature adventure village offers a lot of entertainment material Stamsried guests – from the table tennis to bowling. There’s cosy relaxation in sauna and solarium and in the cosy holiday house guarantees the perfect cozy corner. Each cabin is equipped with two separate bedrooms, living room with dining area and modern kitchen comfortable and child-friendly. Information: booking Center H & P Touristik GmbH, Borsigallee 8-10 53125 Bonn, Tel.

0228 / 919000 fax 0228/2436865. free trail guide Bayerischer Wald Regensburg (tvo). 1,794 km slopes are described in the free trail guide of Bavarian Forest. He gives an overview of the cross-country network of uplands and introduces 19 cross-country ski areas, including height and length of the groomed slopes. Also, he informed of details such as rental stations, cross-country ski schools snow phone and information concerning flood light, connection to a ski bus and parking and changing facilities. There is also a special trail tip for each area.

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09 Feb

Hollywood Air

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“With ‘Oscar’-countdown 2011 Los Angeles experience in singing, February 8, 2011 (w & p) and the winner is” on February 27, 2011, these magical words in Los Angeles, can be heard when the film industry on the Oscar “night their best pick. Near it on the red carpet and on par with the prominent location are with current offerings of the Internet portal. Six days Los Angeles with flights and accommodation at the three star hotel are to book 879 euros for the travel period from the end of February. provides the tourist highlights around the Oscar “-Countdown before 2011. 83. awarding of the coveted Oscar trophy is the actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco moderated and will take place at the Kodak Theatre, the film capital directly on the Hollywood Boulevard.

The building is used for musicals and big events like the Emmy Awards outside of the Oscar ceremonies. “Even the most final shows of the casting series American Idol” model of American Idol “-were decided at the Kodak Theatre. There are traces of big names before the theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame”: over 2,400 stars, celebrities for their performance in the American entertainment industry were honored with which can be found on the famous sidewalk. The most recent award received beginning February 2011 the actor Adam Sandler. “Even before the cinema of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre” at the Hollywood Boulevard star have perpetuated themselves: in the concrete floor has over 200 celebrities left their hand and shoe prints and autographs.

Not missing must when visiting Los Angeles just at Oscar time in the Hollywood Hills a detour: the famous Hollywood sign is one of the most popular photo motifs. And also a tour of the largest film studios in Hollywood, Warner of Bros. and universal, film lovers should be not to be missed. Also off by stars and starlets is plenty to experience: who is planning a road trip across California from Los Angeles receives detailed tips and information on the attractions and sights of the third largest state of the gang on. “The Golden State” is the current destination of the month”on the Internet portal, and within the framework of the special will be raffled in cooperation with California tourism in a competition to California even a week-long air travel with car rental for two persons. About is the travel portal AG and presents itself as a virtual market place for last-minute and package tourists. Find the cheapest deals of all large operators, hotels and holiday homes, car of the large providers, as well as the flights of all airlines at a glance on “In the tip” the editors of introduces a month in detail a destination and shows the most beautiful places and exotic customs in videos. Daily news from the world of travel inform tourists about the most popular destinations worldwide.

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05 Dec

Mont Orgueil Castle

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The charming Guernsey certainly deserves to be loved himself. It Bay almost 2000 hours of sunshine a year – more than any other stain of Britain – considered roses exporter number one and offers two dozen beaches, not to mention the many tiny coves, which are almost entirely unaffected at the foot of steep cliffs. The magic of the supposedly good, old time connects to on the most pleasant modern, thankfully but small hotels and excellent restaurants where you can try mussels, lobster, sole, and steaks soon in simple English, French soon on refined manner. The seat of St. Credit: Jorge Perez-2011. Peter port, at the same time the best sheltered harbour in the channel, resembles a French provincial town with its cobbled streets and its leisurely way of life. Who arrives here within the framework of a cruise, you can do almost everything on foot. Visit the traditional Thursday market where saleswomen in native costumes offer exquisite arts and crafts.

Look at Castle Cornet, that three times was conquered by the French and is still always proud. Guernsey railway company, take the comfortable buses overland, on which misleadingly”stands. Although the associated railway company no longer exists since 1934. Jersey turns out to be almost too popular vacation area. On the South coast at St Brelade is a chic hotel next to each other, surrounded by bathing, golf courses and tennis courts.

Cruise ships Moor in the in the capital St Helier. The Atlantic waves in the St.-Ouen Bay on the West Coast, good swimmers and surfers have their paradise. On a shore excursion, there is much to see. Where can you high above the port of Gorey, which comparatively looks like a child’s toy a similarly massive Fort as the alleged Norman castle of Mont Orgueil Castle? Where else are the nesting sites of rare birds similarly densely sown, the wild hydrangeas so lush, driving and cycling paths of so full of variety? On Jersey you can everything that belongs to the holiday Bliss – pure fishing over sand dunes riding, lie to the tip of the nose in the warm sand, hiking between red-flowering poppies, marvel at strange insects. The smaller Channel Islands play for cruises no role. Alderney quite rightly called the dream destination of nature lovers and particularly remember his bird sanctuary of Burhou. Small islets are Mr, Sark, Jethou and Lihou. Lihou is it connected by an old dam to Guernsey, was quite comfortable walking at low tide. But caution! It is advisable to carefully study the tide charts. Otherwise, you risk several hours from the environment cut off on a rather inhospitable rock to sit tight. And cruise ships can’t wait. The range of cruises with stop-Channel Islands is naturally not very large. An overview is available at

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16 Nov

Audiovisual Film Show Meerlust

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The yachtsman Bernt Luchtenborg comes Bernt Luchtenborg at the finish of his professional dreams and at the end to Frankfurt as was a successful businessman. His doctor warned him about the consequences of his being a workaholic, but only a gift sailing trip led to the Carpe diem. “The audiovisual film show Meerlust days between sky and horizon” a five-year circumnavigation off the normal routes documented on a big screen to selected music. This circumnavigation was 2005 Prize awarded the coveted trans-ocean and honored with a medal for the demanding Hochseeseglerische performance. Extraordinary recordings Bernt Luchtenborg stories sea live the beauty of archaic worlds, idyllic Islands and the press in the sea.

Enjoy a trip to the dreaded Cape Horn, the Cape of good hope and through the Southern Ocean to the Antarctic. Images of the magic of tropical islands of the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Brazil, Madagascar, Seychelles, and the great barrier reef,. mingle with wonderful nature shots of the fire lands, the myth of the Easter Island and the primeval Papua New Guinea fjords. Get a glimpse into this fascinating journey, also under the following link: ZDFmediathek /… Location: country guest house “to the Bembelsche” Mainzer str.

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20 Aug

Sitegeist Wins

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Online campaign ‘StyleTV’ for the HAPIMAG is world’s best contribution to the ‘Websites’ category / / Silver Award at the Film Festival ‘ golden city gate 2011 “at the ITB already for the tenth time the internationally renowned Film Festival held Golden City gate within the framework of the ITB Berlin international tourism film. The Oscar of tourism awards also awards for exemplary and innovative use of film in online media in the category Web sites for several years. This year, only a single post won the coveted trophy in the category websites: StyleTV produced for the HAPIMAG. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. StyleTV is a multi-tiered online dialog-marketing campaign with a video that is personalized for each user. And so it goes: email members get a link to a fictional TV reportage, in her own name appears several times. Over 80,000 Hapimag members learned in recent weeks by email, being the star of a TV fee. Who this surprise with Click on the reason went, noted that her own name as a mysterious insider in a lifestyle television show surfaced several times. In this fictional TV post, a team of reporters trying to figure out how this insider succeeds, to have a private domicile anywhere in the most beautiful places.

To do this they travel him criss -cross Europe behind, until he reveals his secret to them in Hornum finally. All Hapimag members of course already know the solution: invest together, individual use. Andreas m, head of marketing at Hapimag, explains: today’s technology allows you to personalize even films. An idea that resonates powerfully: The recommendation rate of this innovative campaign has exceeded all expectations. As soon as the own name in a movie appears, it is much more willing to forward this post to his friends. The Hamburg-based Internet Agency sitegeist realized as lead agency project StyleTV following areas:-idea + concept – design – idea + creation of fictitious Television station StyleTV – implementation of 3D-TV-Studios – thanks video personalization – programming – project management for the area Director, film, sound and editing sitegeist for the excellent work of the partner JOTZ! Film production in Hamburg. Andreas Manhart, head of marketing Hapimag, honoring: That silver received facing this probably unique in the tourism scene online campaign, is happy and we are extremely honoured. An additional confirmation for the innovative and successful video project! Here you can test styleTV simply even: campaign /.

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