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15 Mar

Living In Llanca

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A beautiful town on the Catalan coast in the Costa Brava with small coves and high cliffs and long sandy beaches with gravel and a small urban center with several developments that are extending out to the surrounding beaches. The village consists of about 5,000, although the figure varies when summer arrives as the town is inundated with the many tourists who arrive by these dates for Gaudir the sun and the crystalline waters of the beaches of this wonderful town in which why not, we could be left to live in Llanca. The people at first next to the sea, moved a bit further inland in the 862 to avoid pirate attacks. The people did not enter into economic boom to the 60s when tourists began to arrive who stayed to live in Llanca for a few days at least, although some houses and flats bought and returned every summer to this beautiful town next to the Tues Some of the magnificent beaches of the place are such Cau del Llop (Cape of the Wolf), an inlet between cliffs which comes down stairs to leave the arena with a small channel of buoys by boat if you want to get close to the beach. A little sand and gravel, we are in the Costa Brava, of course, with clean water to bathe very quiet, and Farella, one of the most commonly filled during the summer, near the port and close to the beach were built house where people stay to live in Llanca or rent for the summer, comprising a total of four bays separated by rocks and small cliffs where people take the opportunity to pick up some crab lost from time to time or occasional mussel. Beach with great mix of nationalities, thanks to the many people who attended. You know if you like the sun and / or bathe you may stay on, even by just a few days to enjoy the holidays like never before.

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12 Mar

Valencian Province

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One of the destinies preferred by the tourists to enjoy the vacations of summer is the Valencian Community. Their beaches, their climate and its good gastronomy are some of the reclamations that they attract the tourists worldwide. But, what localities we must visit? Beginning from top to bottom it is the province of Castelln. The beaches of this province belong to the denominated Coast Orange blossom located to borders of the Mediterranean Sea; a good destiny to begin our route. The first population that we must visit is the one of Pescola.

In this coastal city we will be able to enjoy so much its beaches as of its history visiting its castle, which was mulberry of Pope Benedicto XIII. And if we want we can make night in a rent Pescola apartments. Next we would have to go to Alcoceber. This locality is perfect to sit down to borders of the sea and to see a precious putting of the sun. At night, the best thing is to take to forces in a Alcoceber apartments because still we have left much that to see.

Day we will begin the following it with a little cultural route. The Castle of Xivert and the Church Parochial of San Juan Baptist they are stopped obligatory in our route. Soon to replenish forces we will be able to go us to the beach to enjoy the sea and a good paella. We continue our trip lowering by the community until arriving at Valencia. There we will be able to visit its old helmet, the City of the Arts and Sciences, the Lagoon, the port and who knows, perhaps we have luck and are making some event like Formula 1. That yes to see all the city we will need more a day in her, reason why he will be better to reserve to a rent apartments in Valencia. Once visited the city of Valencia we continued lowering until arriving at the province of Alicante, where the denominated Costa Blanca is placed. In this province, one of the first localities that we will see is the one of Javea. There we will be able to practice the senderismo by the routes of the Natural Park of the Montg and once we lower of the top to enjoy its spectacular beaches. That yes, we will have to rest in some of the houses in Javea because certainly the forces already begin to us to flaquear. And to conclude with our route by Valencian community we can visit the city of Torrevieja, one of the most concurred during the summer time and that year after year is improving its tourist supply.

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