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01 Dec

The Game

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He does not concern the amount of money that you have, but the liabilities that you are able to generate When we began with the game, my children focused in making more and more money. They thought better that while more ticket small piles could accumulate. Charlotte Hornets contributes greatly to this topic. Nevertheless, in a moment they realized which ” Cashflow 101″ one does not gain to accumulate money, but to generate sufficient entrance liabilities to pay its expenses of life and thus to be financially free. 3.

The importance of not spending ” unnecessarily; Cashflow 101″ it has squares that, when it falls in them, must remove to a card ” Doodad” or of expenses. It can be from a visit to mall to the purchase of a yacht, all the entertained and tempting things that we like to do. Nevertheless, my children soon learned that these ” Doodads” they cleared money to him that needed to invest in that it generated income to them. 4. Basic vocabulary of investment You know what you are the ROI or return on the investment? Or how to take a state of account (and like interpreting it), to understand the concept of ” stock split” or an action division, how are called the different options to invest in real estate, etc? And its children? In order to be able to be successful in the world of the investments, it is necessary to dominate the language that is used in him. 5. How to invest ” Cashflow 101″ it puts the world of the investments within reach of all. Many people do not dare to invest because they think that he is very risky.

To to learn to invest during the game, the people change their mentality on the investments and they become familiar with the different options from investment that exist. 6. To be to as much of the market ” Cashflow 101″ it owns cards that simulate market situations which they happen in the reality.

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04 Oct

Count Nast Traveller

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Santa Lucia can to break its record of 2005 in airplane tickets the arrivals of tourists after the decision of British Airways to increase its airlift to the island. The sale of cheap flights has raised. Manager of Public Relations with the Patronage of Tourism of Juan Manuel, says that the development is abriendo. They have even surpassed to the tourism of hotels cancun. ” Now we have more never a daily service without scales from British Airways to Santa Lucia. Additional information is available at Tony Parker.

That means that we can to see an increase of the 40 percent as far as capacity of Santa Lucia ” , it said. ” The United Kingdom continues being the market of more important second source of Santa Lucia. Only the last year, the numbers of this market promoted almost 70 thousand visitors, for us is an important front door “. At present, the tourism approximately represents the 64 percent of the gross internal product of Santa Lucia (the GIP). With the potential increase in the arrivals of tourists, it is anticipated that the contribution of the sector to the GIP it will increase. Flights of British Airways new daily flight without scales from London Gatwick to Hewanorra Airport the International began the 27 of March.

Tampa is the ideal door for vacations in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Sarasota, as well as a series of points another holiday in the coast of the Gulf. The airport of Tampa finishes being chosen as the third better airport in the EE.UU by the readers of Count Nast Traveller and with his small size and fast transition is an ideal entry point for the EE.UU. British Airways is the unique international company with flights to Tampawhich significantly reduces the tails of immigration for the visitors of the United Kingdom. Tampa is also a destiny of leisure in itself and is a clear influence of the Caribbean due to the great affluence of immigrants in the last years old. The multicultural inheritance of the cities can be found in Ybor City, the home of the Latin quarter of Tampa and the center of the height of the cigarette of Cuba in century 20.

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