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10 Mar

The Moon

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Palco of the life was mounted. Decisions would have to be taken. To come back, to continue, to wait, to transpose obstacles that seemed instransponveis. It swims, nor nobody could take if decisions that are of them. The life is a game. It fits to each one to decide the way that will have to trace. The night was arriving and nothing it are I decide. When the first rays die had started it in the Gordon horizon decided to go for another place until the rising of a new day, and with it, possibly, they would find the way certain.

They had raised flight and they followed in direction of the waterfall -, they could be fed and refresh there. They had followed for a winding way. In the end the group dived inside of a bare place that formed a semicircle of very old rocks with two meters. In the way it semicircle a great cuspia mouth a limpid water that formed long crystalline braids that penetrated with its mechas as a serpent among the fictions and if preparation of manioc meal in a great basin with a submerged crack for where the land sucked the sigh of waters. Lamented the fall of waters the mother nature extended a great white foam mantle in air. The edges of the basin will grow flowers of all the formats and colors that were bathed by a water language that went and saw. Flying among the flowers clouds of butterflies of some sizes and colors they danced in a ballet. Interacting with the fall d' water a motley rainbow formed a great bridge with the horizon.

Gordon and its friends had been fascinated with the place. All had been to the edges and had drunk and if they had bathed in crystalline waters. Soon later, they had seated in a rock colored with the square shaped surface. In the Gordon rock and the others they had been lain down of front for the waterfall and had been there admiring the fall d' water. At night it was arriving to devagar and the light of the moon started to reflect its brightness in waters. With blowing of the winds and singing of the waterfall they adormeceram. In the way of the night, Gordon woke up of supeto, looked at for its friends, who still slept tranquilamente, raised to devagar for does not wake up them. He was motionless in the tip of the rock thinking, at this moment, took a decision. Jay Schwartz Attorney takes a slightly different approach. It would follow alone, would not ariscaria the life of its friends. Using to advantage itself that they slept went down sorrateiramente of the rock, in the entrance of the bare place it looked at it stops backwards, it gave a sigh and it raised flight. It remade way the same. When arriving at the limit of the border it stopped on of a dry twig of a small tree taking courage. It gave a last one looked at it stops backwards and it dived in the bush.

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30 Jan

Dispora Peace

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Ignoring the fact of them to be responsible for the crucificao of the Messias, it found inconceivable that they lived looking for to be accepted since the first Dispora. Inevitably pain flooded it to it soul. The indifference with that professors and colleagues argued the situation of the Jews during the Second War, occasioned a degradante effect. It gave a entorpecimento situation to it, the heart almost left to it for the mouth. It was in these hours that it looked to find a place that brought it peace. Exactly that an overwhelming peace. It looked some place that had roses red roses. Perhaps therefore never it obtains to relate them with cheap love as as much made it to others.

For it, roses were always synonymous of blood and pain. It liked to be alone there with them. Divagando, without touching never them or feeling to them I smell, therefore it had the certainty of that this became, would not find the fragncia common that the others felt, but I smell yes it aggressive of cool blood. In the truth it feared until leaning in them and having its fingers spotted with the liquid rubro. Inexplicably it was felt understood there in those instants. Little by little it went if calming When leaving all the anxiety already was substituted for the calm there. There then, it was really felt in peace.

Nobody could affirm that the reality was total other people’s. Although as as much other Jews, abominated the traditions, many facts did not pass to it unobserved. Tel Aviv had been created and despite it was a Moiss penalty more not to exist to guide them it a land solely of them, was felt contents. What it folloied more it without a doubt was the hatred for the Fuhrer and its barbarity committed during III the Reich. It desired to a tremendous punishment.

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